The Friday’s Are Ticking Off

Blog 1737 – 06.26.2020

The Friday’s Are Ticking Off

It only seems yesterday that it was Friday and yet it is here again. For most of us unable to get out to work, shop, or do many of the things that used to fill our lives time should seem to be creeping by, but it does not seem so for me. I realize that since I am older than some of you that perhaps time seems to move faster for me because as the song says, “Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.”
Nick Of Time

Friday’s by many are preferred or at least used to be to Monday’s. COVID 19 lock-downs, if they have taught us anything, have, I think, taught us to value all of our days the same. Actually I have found it a bit more difficult to keep up with what day of the week it even is. In my usual day job as a contract inspector I would keep detailed notes on the jobs that I followed and inspected, my habit being at the top of each new days’ page to jot down the date, day of the week, job number and the job foreman’s name, each of crew members’ names, and their job functions. These daily note entries helped me keep track of what day of the week it was more readily.

Albert Einstein in his famous theory postulated that time and space are relative. I confess that I understand very little about that particular scientific theory though outer space, inner space, traveling forward and backward in time, and all my relatives have from a boy been favorite subjects of mine.

Friday’s used to mean for most of us more free time on the weekends to enjoy exploring outer spaces and visiting with relatives and friends. I always liked the adage that friends are the family we get to choose. I have a sneaking suspicion that we, before this particular adventure began, might also have gotten to choose our relatives too.
Robinson Crusoe

In the fictional story Robinson Crusoe, a man was shipwrecked alone on a deserted island for years. Several years into his captivity he came upon another man on his island that had been stranded there by his enemies. The two men spoke different languages. Crusoe because of his formal English education thought himself superior to his new island mate and called him Friday and went about trying to teach him and “civilize” him. It is evident from the story that Friday had at least as much as Crusoe to teach. It is often difficult in any relationship to know who the true teacher is at any given moment in time.

Wise parents realize that their children are often the better teachers. A truly wise person knows he can learn from anyone and everyone. Only a foolish person thinks he or she always knows best and always has all the answers.

Have a Good Friday students and teachers all – family and friends.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

Being a little childish from time to time isn’t so bad either.

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