When The World Seems In Disarray

Blog 1725 – 06.13.2020

When the Whole World Seems In Disarray

When the whole world seems in disarray
Give it, if you can, a another patient look
As often a story may seem upside down
Till we reach the last page of the book.

There is always a deeper story brewing behind the obvious, the surface chatter. We are many of us too easily distracted by the bangs and the booms and preachers and politicians know this so well. The Romans were not the first nor the last to use the circus to entertain and distract the masses. A couple of years ago Ringling Brothers put on their last performance, but as the old showbiz adages goes, “The show goes on.”

P.T. Barnum and Bailey’s circus was bought out in 1907 by the Ringling Brothers and for over a century continued to be a premium entertainment distraction for many across this country and around the world. I saw it play several times in Houston, Texas years ago and even drove by their winter quarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin before they finally folded their tents.

P.T. Barnum was the basis for a movie that came out a few years ago called The Greatest Showman. To quote a comment I heard recently on TV the story was a bit cheesy but the soundtrack was awesome. But then that in a nut shell is the circus, mostly pipe organ music hiding a grizzly underbelly painted over with glitter, hiding gross animal abuse and piles of manure covered up with clean straw.

The elephant, for many the symbol of the circus, would also become it’s downfall as people finally realized the systemic cruelty of keeping such magnificent creatures in captivity just to make a buck. Disney’s full length animated feature Dumbo for all of my lifetime told the story over and over again till finally we saw through the glitter and decided the hoo-haw was hiding animal cruelty and slavery and that there just was not enough clean straw to cover that smelly mess.

I have long thought it humorous that an elephant and an ass are the two symbols of the opposing political parties in the United States of America. We, most of us know who the elephant in the room is and that even the better man in the race has and more than likely will continue from time to time to make an ass of himself, but I think never to the extent that the current office holder has and seems so intent on continuing to. The me, the choice was clear even the last time. It seems even more are beginning to realize it to be so now.

But, then even though Ringling Brothers is no longer touting and torturing for our entertainment, a certain troupe is determined to stay at it, selling tickets, and putting on the big show. Beware the sleight of hand of the great showman, con man in the center ring. He has never yet even pretended to care about anyone that did not look like him, think like him, and run in his circles. For the ringmaster it has always been about the deal, about the almighty buck, with no lie too outlandish so long as it sells tickets to his show.

Like Ringling Brothers many of us have it seems decided that it is time for the elephant to go. Perhaps too many minds too focused on the elephant in the center of room has been holding us back. We shall see in November what tickets sells to the circus look like then.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

Rewrite The Stars

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