Of Sight And Sound

Blog 1726 – 06.14.2020

Of Sight and Sound

We are in our western tradition constantly told to see our choices as always “either/or” when the best choice is always both. We are taught to think it must always be a choice between black or white, male or female, right or wrong when the best answer is always both. Today’s picture quote is meant to be humorous. The smoking attractive black man is pushing all kinds of buttons, but the truth is men and women are both swayed by sight and sound and expect one another to always look their best and speak the truth, there being no good excuse not for both to do so.

I suppose I could stop there hoping I have more than made the point that I hoped to today, but what would be the fun in that? The picture reminds me of a favorite line in a favorite romantic comedy movie, Almost Heaven. Mark Ruffalo plays a sad young widower having a difficult time getting past his wife’s death who rents a haunted apartment. The blonde ghost lady played by Reese Witherspoon thinks she is still alive and that he has broken into her apartment and is squatting there. She won’t leave and neither will he. They argue a lot. Mark shares all this with his therapist friend and asks him if he thinks he is going crazy and if he should quit drinking. The friend says, “absolutely not, do not quit drinking because drinking is the social lubricant, it makes men brave and women less picky.” A joke again, and again a somewhat false duality for women and men are equally brave and cowardly and discerning and not.

One guy in particular thinks we should keep repaired and maintained an old fence and even build another one down south on an imaginary border, only truly visible on a man-made map. He wants to keep us deeply divided and everybody on their side of the fence. He even acting childish disapproves of fence sitting, calling it not being true to your school. All children want to sing and play together till they are taught false differences. Duality is a false premise passed on from parent to child generation after generation.

A world divided by so many false choices was never intended to be nor for one sex or race to even pretend supremacy. That man and women of all colors can believe and spout lies is self evident, but we can also, all of us, accept and promote the God’s truth, that we are one and the same each and all of us.

“One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


One Love


The Other Side

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