Making The Most Of Our Today

Blog 1719 – 06.06.2020

Making The Most Of Our Today

I was never one for long prayers nor long lists of recited requests. I do, however, believe that the road to a bigger brighter future does involve a little daily visualization. I think even that goes better when we keep it short and simple for at least two reasons. We are less likely to become obsessed with the future and also we are freer to enjoy more fully today.

Nothing helps our visions materialize faster that our grateful acceptance of all the good things we have today. Want to prime the pump? Drink gladly and gratefully at the fount today. An attitude of gratitude is not just the key to the treasure house or Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret, it is the one ring that rules them all. Forget for a moment the impossible to keep Ten Commandments and even The Ten Intentions For A Better World, Google them later if you like, for this moment concentrate on but one thing that you are glad for today. Careful though, counting your blessings can become quite addicting and habit forming. But then no nicer, more fulfilling, nor more practical habit was ever formed.

Ungratefulness more than anything else, accept perhaps apathy, turns off our infinite Source. The dreamer John in his wild confusing dream on Patmos Island has the great gift giver saying, “I would you were hot or cold but because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.” Odd to hear God saying “Spew you”, but according to John he did.

Paul previously told us that to our requests the answer is always, “Yes, yes.” all the more reason to be careful (mindful) of what we ask for. But, being grateful for today makes even that so much easier, not focusing on what we don’t want but upon what we do. It might help to admit that those things we do not particularly like about today, that we in one way or another asked for them too. The fruit of our today sprang from the focused seed planting we did yesterday.

So the best way to make the most of today and prepare for an even better, brighter tomorrow, I think, is to practice the words of a particular slightly enlightened little verse:

“This is the day that the Lord (and I) made and I (we) will be glad in it.”


Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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