The Way Of Love

Blog 1718 – 06.05.2020

The Way Of Love

Even as some say patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, saying that the persecutors are being persecuted does indeed in the race to bottom vie for first place. My country that has long touted itself as a country where the freedom and right of free speech, of life, of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected, has not always made those freedoms and rights available to all equally. The privileged few may think so and those who buy into the common narrative, but I and many others believe there is still a lot of room to improve upon this over two hundred years old experiment in democracy.

Our current top office holder squeezed out a some believe a questionable Electoral College win almost four years ago wearing a red hat with words that read “Make America Great Again” which to many of us was just code for I think Obama was an aberration and not a forward move for the United States of America’s. After these past three years, does any thinking person still truly believe that?

The U.S., I and others have repeatedly tried to clarify, is not the whole of America. Those of us who can read a map and take the time to have long known there is more land even in North America than the U.S. occupies not to mention South America.

The good intentions of the some in professing the myth of American exceptionalism if they intend thereby to cover our faults are far from good. It is not patriotic to leave anyone behind and yet we have systematically and institutionally. And as one writer has written, “Beloved these things ought not to be so.”

Our Founding Fathers themselves were flawed and shortsighted in many ways, yet they had the wisdom to accept ten immediate amendments to their new Constitution envisioning future improvements by the body politic to that guiding document. Why, even they to get an agreement at all had to leave in place the hundreds of years old indefensible practice of slavery. Slavery of people of color is a scar white folks yet find hard to wear and own up too. After our two hundred plus years as a nation and over a hundred a half years with slavery outlawed we still have not remedied all those inequities that those terrible years of slavery caused. Even the Brits whom we thought ourselves so much better than outlawed slavery before we did and without a bloody civil war that cost over a half a million lives and rent this country in two, the effects of which are still obvious and still used by our politicians to manipulate the minds and votes of too many.

By now there should be no need for anyone to say Black Lives Matter but sadly there so evidently is. Should we try to justify violence? Jesus taught against violence as some Christians seem too easily to forget. But, Jesus understood violence as we all do really for it stems from hate which comes from fear, the true opposite of love. In our ever insatiable quest to maintain privilege and power we especially those in the true minority privileged few have failed to love everyone the same and have kept marginalized many mostly non WASP folk, non White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

All lives matter and of course the killing of anyone can never be truly justified no matter what uniform we put on military or police. Even their true job is to protect and keep the peace, a quite dangerous if not impossible job in a world so full of hate and fear. Violence will never produce anything but more of itself. Peaceful demonstrations on the other hand can and have brought some positive change and we hope they will continue to. It is people who have waited too long and lost hope that often resort to violence. If violence is answered only with more fear and hate on the other side the end result will always be more devastating war and the loss of many more equally precious lives on all sides.

It is always time for positive change. Going back to some mythical better time in America or for the privileged to presume contradiction and protest of their positions or policies is persecution is just so much side stepping of the real issue, if everyone does not matter then no one does.

It is always time to give the way of love another look.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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