The Pretty And Attractive People

Blog 1720 – 06.07.2020

The Pretty And Attractive People

Most of us if even briefly as puppies were considered cute by our momma’s if no one else. Yet, others of us were not even then, while a few are widely considered by many to be the lucky ones and seem to always be, young and old, the pretty and attractive people. We all know who they are and there is little disagreement even among those of us the more jaded and jealous of who they are. The MM’s, The BB’s of the nineteen fifties to the current eye poppers and heart throbs of today. The masses seem to live vicariously through them and their often short and tragic lives.

But, who decides who gets to be among the beautiful and the beckoning? My answer to that question might surprise you. We do, you and I, each of us, for we ourselves get to chose the roles we play in this life and whether we realize it now fully or ever even partially do before this particular story ends, we are it’s creator. Some of us have chosen the role of the boy who gets the girl or the girl who get the guy, or the same who gets the same, in our particular production. Some the out front, headlining and leading roles while others of us have chosen the supporting roles, the more difficult character actor roles, playing so much more than just a pretty face or an especially alluring body.

Nonsense, I hear some of you say. Really? There is a growing school of thought that the manifested world we live in is a reality created by thoughts, not just a Big Bang accident or an off Broadway trial run backed and solely produced by some big pocketed angel investor creator but by the creative combined and singular thoughts of the whole cast, witnessed by a host of other creators/actors in between productions of their own.

Bare with me a few brief moments, Beautiful, and hear me out. I believe our names, our parents, where we were born, our complete role, down to our look and costume were all scripted and chosen ahead of time by none other than us. And that we each and all of us have gotten so caught up in these performances that we fail to remember our previous roles and even that we wrote ourselves into this one.

Whether the particular part that we this time chose to play is that of a pretty and attractive person or one of the more difficult demanding and less pretty parts let me say from one who has by this time I am sure played many and varied roles atop of watching a great many more unfold that I think you are doing a beautiful job and I am proud to share the stage with you.

I was talking to one of our fellow performers the other day and we both agreed that James Blunt’s, You’re Beautiful, was a better more beautiful tribute than Joe Cocker’s, You Are So Beautiful. And it is not just the voices but the words that make the difference. Two words in particular, “to me.” Joe seems to be saying with his “You are so beautiful to me” that others might not agree. While James on the other hand that even angels agree that “You’re beautiful.”

Compare my Mockingbird versions of both songs and see if you do not agree with my beautiful friend and me.

You Are So Beautiful

You’re Beautiful.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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