A Word To The Wise

Blog 1717 – 06.04.2020

A Word For The Wise

The saying goes, “A word fitly spoken is like an apple of gold in a setting of silver.” And that is the hope of every writer, silver-tongued orator, or full-throated singer to deliver such an entertaining, enlightening, and encouraging word. We never any of us always hit the bullseye, knock one out of the park at every at bat, or score the winning basket or touchdown with every throw, pass or catch. But those of us who hope to achieve something memorable are forever trying.

The secret of famous homerun hitter Babe Ruth’s success at batting was simple really, his kept his eye not just on the ball, but also beyond the outfield’s tall wall, and swung away. We need not let the difficulties or defeats distract us. They who hold fast to a vision of the end result shall achieve that goal. All the cards are stacked in our favor only we can sabotage our success by short circuiting the process.

I have used the memory tool that I was taught years ago many times to illustrate how best to recall a particularly hard to remember fact. But it also illustrates how we hamstring our mind’s abilities to visualize and thereby fail to manifest our highest best intentions..

The memory coach in a supervisor and workers seminar told us all that the mind works like old fashioned big public libraries once did. First one wrote the name of the book or information they wanted on a slip of paper provided and gave it to one of the librarians at the main desk. Off he or she went to retrieve it for them. The reason it did not come back right away is that thinking they were expediting the process the would be reader kept calling the librarian back to the desk over and over again remaking the same request, interrupting them from completing their task. The way that same sort of thing sabotages our dreams is after whispering our request to the Universe instead of letting the Universe grant our request in any of a multitude of ways, we hamstring our request by saying it has to be just so, at a particular time, in a particular place, with a particular person and when the wish is not granted instantaneously we start imagining a multitude of reasons it will never happen taking our eye off the prize, the ball, and from beyond bleachers, the basket, or the goal line, which shuts down the process entirely. The cursed how’s are always best left up to the Universe. The what’s are our department.

Some have said that merely five minutes a day visualizing what we want would make everything we ever want come to us exactly as it should. And why not, for as cartoon Pogo put it so well:

That my friends, is a little word from a wiser little guy than I. Remember it is only we that make our dreams come true for having wished upon a star only we can prevent that wish from coming true and back to us better and brighter.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

See that bright shining star, come on make a wish, I triple dog dare you.

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