When I Run Out Of Something To Write, Say, Or Sing

Blog 1716 – 06.03.2020

When I Run Out Of Something To Write, Say, Or Sing

I often wonder if it is true that all tongues are occasionally tied and that all writers at one time or another suffer from writers block. After over five years into this daily blog I have yet to encounter an interruption or blockage in the stream of encouraging words. I have, I think, a strong connection to our shared consciousness and though it may seem at times a bit unique, I assure you it is not. And though I may say, write, or even sing an unfamiliar word or note from time to time, I am merely a mockingbird, trying to repeat what I have heard.

The prophets of the Old Testament used to preface their pronouncements with, “The word of the Lord came unto me saying.” But, as the saying goes I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet. My daddy as a young man was a sailor and after that spent most of his working life as a Teamster truck driver. As a young man I was briefly a soldier and since then have worked at many things but mostly as an inspector – a looker at and watcher of other people’s work, contributing little more than I hope a few encouraging observations. Many inspectors see their role as one as catching and pointing out mistakes and indeed that is part of the job description but I see the bigger better part of the job as praising good performance. Some years ago when I was a quality manager I read a little book called The Ten Minute Manager that said a good manager’s number one job is to catch his people doing something right, reward it with a word of praise, and thereby assure the repeat performance of that and other like behaviors throughout his or her sphere of influence. It struck me as a very astute idea and I have been trying to use that with everyone I work with ever since.

No matter the situation, a kind encouraging word, makes all jobs and personal relationships go better. Am I ever disappointed by the performance of others or myself? Of course, I am, but I try not to focus on those things too much for what we focus on is invariably what we see more and more of happening in our work places, our lives, and our world. I personally feel that 24 hour news channels have done much to make our world seem worse. The news business has always been more about pointing out bad news but it used to be brief reports morning, evening, and late night with maybe a bulletin occasionally. Now it is twenty-four seven breaking news mostly spun to support this conspiracy theory or that. Politics like Magic is mostly smoke and mirrors that many use to cover secret deals made to keep profits, power, and influence in certain hands. And yes, some conspiracy theories seem more plausible than others, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole and lose sight of job one. None of our jobs is to point out flaws and imperfections but to see the best in ourselves and others, to praise it, and thereby see it repeated and everywhere. What a wonderful world that would be and is if we see it so.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


What A Wonderful World

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