Blogging & Karaoke Art Forms?

Blog 1709 – 05.27.2020

Blogging & Karaoke Art Forms?

Some people do not consider blogging and karaoke really writing and singing. Many creative arts patrons can become quite snobbish in their tastes. I submit to you that our taste in all things art and food stem from simpler and more basic beginnings. It does not escape our attention that most if not all art and foods have they’re root beginnings in poverty. The best Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and even French food began as poor folk food, prepared usually by moms trying to make sustaining and tasty meals from that which was readily available, adding spices for flavor, and fillers to stretch so it would go as far as possible.

Where blogging and karaoke will eventually lead we must wait and see. But, I for one, have been pleased to discover these two avenues of creative expression. Having myself never learned to play an instrument, yet knowing how much musical accompaniment adds to vocals, I am grateful for karaoke tracts to sing along with. As for writing, publishing venues are often hard, almost impossible, to break into, but one need only pay a small annual price for their very own domain and blog platform. What and how often the blogger posts is solely their own decision as it is their audiences to read it or not.

I read a book after attending a week-end writer’s seminar in Chicago five years ago called Platform. In the book the author, himself a blogger, said he advised all writers wanting to be published to build a large platform, a following, in order to help convince a publisher that they had a potential pay back audience ready to buy any thing the publisher might risk putting out there. Publishers and everyone want to minimize the risk on their investments.

I began this blog in the spring of 2015 and have been at it daily since. Though I am not quite as widely read perhaps as I might have wished yet, I have a prolific body of work already out there for anyone who might wish to read it. All free of charge, prepared and presented like the foods I mentioned in the beginning of this piece, with spice for flavor, and some sustenance to savor.

I attempt with every blog written and every Mockingbird sung to provide something that will touch the heart, mind, and tickle the palate. My three fold goal in the beginning was and still is to entertain, inspire, and encourage. If I can only accomplish one I hope the later will always take preeminence.

As long as I am able to and for as many as take the time to take a look or a listen, I am here for you, with my blog pieces and karaoke songs.

All Shook Up

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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