Showers Of Blessings

Blog 1708 – 05.26.2020

Showers Of Blessings

I write and perhaps too often to the dismay of many of my Christian friends that I now no longer believe in the Jesus that I was taught to as a child. Someone on Facebook back before I got completely off it four years ago wrote that I must really hate Jesus. That was not then nor is it now true, it is just that I no longer consider Jesus anymore to be Lord of all. He is to me just another beloved brother like each of you, ladies too. (Brother, to me, is the highest title we can or should aspired to or confer upon anyone.) Brother Paul again in an another inspired moment wrote, “There is no longer Jew nor Gentile, male nor female for we are one and Lord.” He actually wrote “one in the Lord” but I took a little poetic license that those same friends that I mentioned above might consider heresy.

Now heresy is another interesting word. My phone dictionary defines heresy:

It seems heresy is a point of view and I freely confess that my favorite view of most important things is a bit askew. So sue me, as has long been one of our current President’s favorite distracting deflecting tactics. If he did not condone and collude with foreign interference on Facebook and other social and standard media in 2016 to sway public opinion with outright lies he did and still does foster and revel in an “us against them” world view and “if I don’t like your view I’ll sue you” mentality.

The very Christians, many of them who profess Jesus to be their Lord and Savior often do not follow his own clear words about not taking a brother to court but rather suffering an injustice from a brother rather than suing one. People in this “Christian nation” (And I do not believe it is accurate to say it was founded as or ever has been a one religion nation or was even meant to be, but was designed to be a place where everyone no matter their religious beliefs or lack of them could have a seat at the table, in theory at least) suffice it to say people see things from different points of view., views that are often manipulated by lies yelled loudly like “Lock her Up” or “Build a Wall” which even after four years have still not happened nor likely ever will, and are not even serious considerations, just Trump tools to keep the attention on him, just lies merely a bait and switch distraction – keep your eye on the pea under the shell not on the hand in your pocket stealing your money. We are still working on that everyone a place at the table deal, well maybe not so much the current regime, but hopefully we will do better again soon.

As is my custom and modus of operations (MO as the cops say) I have again wandered a bit afield of my central topic, Showers of Blessings. The rain here in Houston, Texas, where I am still maintaining social distance and staying in place, awaiting word of a work assignment, the rain is my inspiration today as it often is as I am glad and grateful for all of my, our, blessings. In the CW network six season series that I meant to but never watched as it aired, that I am currently steaming, one of the Flash’s supporters trying to encouraging him says, “You already have everything you need inside you to do, to be, and to achieve anything you want” or words to that effect. That sounds so much like my personal mantra, “I am so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

I believe that we get what we deserve, what we ask for, what we pray for, what we sing and dance for, that everything is already ours coming to us at just the right time and in just the right way, not from Jesus or even the rain per se but from our true loving and infinite self, inside of us. Per se, is another great word, defined by my phone dictionary again as:

We are each of us self-contained showers of blessings build to provide and sustain the rain.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and
Other brother from another mother,
David White

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