I Have Written Much But Not Enough

Blog 1710 – 05.28.2020

I Have Written Much But Not Enough

I have written much about my dear departed daughter Emily Elaine White but not nearly enough about my still living wonderful son, Jonathan David James Wallace White, J or Jay for short.

He is for my last lovely wife Linda and I, our beloved and only begotten son. And his first coming came as quite an unexpected although quite pleasant surprise for both of us. In the Nick of Time you might say.


Nick of Time

Bonnie Rhaitt’s song above at the time of his conception and birth was a favorite song for both of us (still is) and we both so wanted a son even at almost forty years young ourselves. Miraculous was his birth, one might say, since the doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas had told Linda she would never be able to have a baby. They had already taken one precious thing from her but inside she refused to believe that anyone could take the precious dream of having a baby of her own away from her too. All babies, I believe are miracles and our shared miracle called Jonathan began in the summer of 1989 and came out for all to see on April 3rd, 1990.

I do not think Jonathan nor his buddies follow my blog so I do not fear too much embarrassing him. But, after I have shuffled off this stage, I hope he will read what I took the time to write today and thereby realize even better what I hope he already knows, how much we both love him, have from the start, and always will.

We figured a boy big enough to so swell and enlarge our hearts deserved a big name so we gave him not one but four – Jonathan (his own), David (mine), James (my dad’s), and Wallace (Linda’s dad’s.) James and Wallace have already graduated from this life, James twenty three years ago, and Wallace just last year. If the play proceeds as planned Linda and I will make our exits ahead of yours, Jay, but we hope you will long hear the echoes of us both of us saying how much we enjoyed playing supporting roles in your play and being allowed to let you shine in ours.

We just cannot, either of us write, sing or say enough, how very much we love you and the letter J.

Your friend, fellow traveler

Linda’s husband & JDJWW’s dad,

David White

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