Writer’s Block?

Blog 1704 – 05.22.2020

Writer’s Block?

Over five years writing this free daily blog and I have yet to experience writer’s block. That is not to say that I will not sometime or that everything that I have written is especially compelling or note worthy, but I put it out there and plan to continue to as long as I can. My original goal in beginning this blog was to get ten thousand followers and use that in a marketing plan to a potential publisher to get a book published that I had written about my daughter who passed eight years ago, “Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along.” I wrote the thirty-two short chapters, one for each year of her life, that I call episodes, hoping to share the Emily Elaine White show with as many people as possible. I have found real satisfaction in just sharing, writing, and publishing a book, if it ever happens, is no longer a primary goal, nor fame, nor financial fortune, for I have opened up my own treasure house and it is already full to overflowing.

Emily’s book is here on this blog at least twice maybe three times in its entirely, for the first two or three years that I posted this blog I called the month of July the month of Emily (she was born and died that month too few years apart.) I posted an episode (chapter) each day from June to August. The popular lawyer book novel writer, John Grisham, has said of his first book, A Time To Kill, that no publisher would touch it till he was a famous, well-read, and a popular writer, then they did publish it, and it was so well received that they even made a big movie of it, as they have several other of his books.

But back to writer’s block. I do not claim to know all there is to know about writing but I do possess and know how to turn the keys and unlock my own treasure house door. My beloved Captain Kangaroo, the late great Bob Keeshan, taught me that secret when I was five, it is simply by jingling those keys with a smile of anticipation as I unlock each morning the door to my own heart, my treasure house, to share with all who come, the riches there. Millions of girls and boys my peers, and even their children, and grandchildren got to enjoy the Captain’s treasures. And rest assured nothing shall ever block or keep me for very long from sharing mine. Thank you, Captain, for sharing yours, we salute you, and wonder if you ever had writer’s block. If you did, it was but a brief blip on the screen of the Bob Keeshan show.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Keeping well-polished the keys to my own treasure house,

David White


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