Here’s A New Skewed View For You

Blog 1703 – 05.21.2020

Here’s A New Skewed View For You

I have never smoked not even once in all my life. I still try to avoid second hand smoke as those who know say it may even be more dangerous to us than first hand smoke. I loved the above sentiment and picture when I first saw it. Those adamantly opposed to smoking and that maybe even wish there were a Prohibition like federal law against it, might do well to pay more attention to the words. In the great scheme of things does smoking even make the top ten list of things we should not be doing? I think not. Doing other stronger drugs, drinking too much alcohol, over eating, bad as they too may be for our health probably would not make most top ten lists either. Here is just a suggested list and though we might quibble about the order, most of us would agree that these are more serious bad habits that require more immediate attention than smoking, drinking or perhaps even more serious drug addictions:

1. Killing people

2. Hating people

3. Stealing from people

4. Lying to people

5. Judging people

6. Condemning people

7. Cutting down people

8. Failing to forgive people

9. Failing to love people

10. Doing any of the above to ourselves

That last one is really a given for the previous nine from a certain point of view are all perpetrated on ourselves as well and simultaneously as we act that way toward others for there is only One Person really, per that obscure little Bible verse: “God is all in all.” He, She, We are One and the same. Is that really a skewed view or pretty plain to see if we think on it?

But back to that new, at least to me, skewed view that I promised you. For many years I have tried to learn better how to pray or meditate. The best thing I ever read on either subject was a short thing about focusing on one’s breathing. In a relatively quiet, separated from other distractions space, the lesson was to take a slow deep breath, hold it a few seconds, and then let it out slowly, repeating the process as often as needed – warning breathing is habit forming, as is prayer and meditation it seems. Yes, we know both may be so, Crazy Dave, but we are still waiting on that new skewed view thingy you promised.

Here it is. I think the reason that smokers are more creative and productive people (many studies support that they are) is that their smoking habit is pure prayer and meditation. Look at the recommended steps again in the paragraph above. That is what smokers do and way more often, to the chagrin of bosses and fellow workers, than non-smokers do. Am I recommending folks take up the smoking habit? Not at all, for the side effects for many, if not all, who smoke at least for a while, are indeed lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, etc. But, I am saying that for all the the peace of mind, creativity, and productivity that smokers find in their particular mode of prayer and meditation that we might over look a little air polluting smell and pray and meditate ourselves in our own way about more important self-improvement projects, leaving the improving of others to themselves as they choose for that is outside our purview and way above our pay grade.

Take a deep breath, hold it a few seconds, and take your time letting it out. Imagine that you are not taking in smoke or air but pure unadulterated love. Breathe in deeply, hold it, feel it’s fullness, breathe out slowly like a benediction upon the whole world – that ought to keep your full attention for a moment and clear your heart and mind like only the awareness of such an eternal moment can. Happy praying, happy concentrating (or not), and happy meditating, and smoking (or not) as you choose. As the Drill Sergeants in Basic Training used to say on break, if you got ‘em, light ‘em, if you don’t borrow one from a buddy. I never did but that was my choice, not necessarily a better one, just a choice, just like I chose to love those guys and have all these years stinky smoke, being forced to pick up their cigarette butts, and all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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