Blog 1705 – 05.23.2020


Friday gets a lot of votes for the Best Day of the Week being considered by many Jewish folks and for quite a long time God’s Day Eve. Even Christians call at least one Friday, good, in memorial to the one whom they call the founder of their religion, himself also a Jew, and for an especially fateful day some two thousand twenty or so years ago in their story. Even a once popular steakhouse named itself TGIF after the often used working man and woman expression, Thank God It’s Friday. The cartoon Rugrats likes pointing out how especially the children among us hear and see things differently and would put the acronym and phrase, TBIF and Thank Bob It’s Friday.

You might prefer your own name for God. One guy liked Howard because as a child he heard in the Lord’s Prayer “Howard be thy name” and also figured that the H in the expression Jesus H. Christ stood for Howard, many son’s being named after their fathers and all. My favorite name for God is Universe for He/She/We are to me God, the Universe, and we one and all (one, two, three, we) have our part to play in it.

But, my favorite day, well that one is easy too for me, it is Today, whatever day of the week that happens to be. I especially like that phrase too, “Happens to be.” It has a sense of spontaneity and surprise to it. The present, expressed by some with the word, Today, does have the idea of an expectant gift, one we do not have to wait nine months for, but can enjoy right now. TGIT, Thank God It’s Today.

I hope everyone enjoys this Friday with over a couple of months now maintaining social distance, staying in place, and apart, many of us working from home or unable to, are nevertheless itching to get out and about the business of living in the wider world again. Let us not allow fear of an uncertain future or misspent past ever cause us to lose our focus on making each day the best day it can be. This is it, you know, Friday or no, that’s “Just the facts, Ma’am” as another famous Friday more than once remarked. Today is the one and only day we can ever really live, so live it up.

Your friend and fellow traveler

Fond of everyday of the week,

David White

Come Monday

And, yes, I know it is Memorial Day weekend and Friday, but in my skewed view this Mockingbird Song still seems to fit.

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