Serenity, Sanity, Peace & Joy In The Middle

Blog 1700 – 05.17.2020

Serenity, Sanity, Peace & Joy In The Middle

Today’s picture quote is a philosophy preferred and cheered on by the neat folk while other folk on the opposite pole might counter, “Yes, and a neat desk is the sign of a sick mind.” But the false choice of “either/or” aside, serenity, sanity, peace, joy and most if not all the good stuff is to be found in the center of the road. This world we live in often seems to be preoccupied with extreme positions. It used to be said and widely that controversial, fearful, and bad news sells newspapers. An updated version of that perhaps outdated truism might be “Controversial, fearful, and bad news fills the twenty-four hours news programming, the social media, and always seems to garner the most attention.”

We in the U.S., the birthplace of many reality shows, have for the past three years had a President, himself a former reality show star, that is quite skilled at manipulating the media and proving over and over again that any press, be it true or false, about barely if even legal acts, impeccable or impeachable, is good press. Even his many Republican opponents in the last Presidential Primary, four years ago, found out that even his obvious lack of political experience, lack of compassion, and lack of people skills were trumped by his uncanny ability to always take up most if not all of the oxygen in the room.

Neatness may be nice but so also might be a little occasional chaos. And yet, flaunting all the rules of custom, etiquette, and team work will eventually reap the whirlwind and tear it all down. I, frankly Scarlett, as most people, do not care how neat or cluttered you keep you desk or living space. That is your right and really only affects you and those willing to live and work in close quarters with you. But, I and many of us are concerned with the continual bait and switch, the ever dodging of responsibility and we think that even the President should be held accountable for saying and doing reprehensible things just to stay the center of attention.

It was said of President Theodore Roosevelt that if he went to a wedding that he had to be the bride. That might be said of many Presidents and others as well but none more aptly than the current office holder who has turned his cabinet of Secretaries into his own personal cheering squad and his Vice President into the head cheerleader.

One last cliche to tie this all together. We used to say, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” George W. Bush had a little trouble getting that one straight in an interview once, but still pulled off getting elected twice. (One more time than his dad, even if his brother, the then Governor of Florida, and the Supreme Court did have their fingers on the scale of justice a bit the first time.) The man in office now appears to think fooling us is what we want, what we need. It is abundantly apparent that he thinks he needs to nevertheless. Reminds me of a college roommate I had once of whom someone said, not me, that he would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand flat-footed on the ground and speak the truth. Our President is forever Tweeting or spouting words like greater, bigger, best and affirming that anything wrong is always someone else’s fault and taking care of it always someone else’s responsibility. And amazingly now the virus pandemic and economy are all on schedule to be resolved and conditions greatly improved the first quarter next year but only after we re-elect you-know-who in November for making America So Great Again. If you buy that, Wall Street has some vastly discounted stocks they’d like to sell you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. – A cluttered desk can be kind of neat in a skewed view chaotic way.

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