Now They’re Talking

Blog 1699 – 05.16.2020

Now They’re Talking

Now they’re talking, my contract work assignment agents, about possible work for me, no longer in Little Rock, Arkansas but in Kearny, Nebraska. And if it works out, very soon, but not before I reach the seventeen hundredth blog mark tomorrow, writing as I have been for the passed nearly five months from my home in Houston, Texas. I have for over five years now on all but the first few blogs that I wrote signed off with my now familiar, for any one who reads them: “Your friend and fellow traveler, David White.” I did not conceived of that closing salutation solely because I have traveled mostly with my work in all fifty states and even to eleven other countries but more because I see myself and all of us as time and space travelers, even those of us who play and work mostly in or near the same space on this big and beautiful blue ball.

I have driven across the width of Nebraska but twice and across it’s length several more times than that and except for one night coming back from a family vacation to Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and sites there about, I have only spent one overnight in Nebraska, that in Sioux City with snow on the ground. I have yet to have a work assignment in Nebraska. Perhaps that will no longer be true in a few days.

I have learned to not be distressed when a work assignment does not work out or ends up being longer or shorter than they initially tell me for my life is full of mostly pleasant surprises. This one, they are saying, will mostly likely go through to the end of the year. That sounds good to me. I had all but resigned myself to finishing up my working career on a multi-year assignment to Little Rock, Arkansas, where I have already had a two month plus work assignment some years ago. I do recall accepting a ninety-day gig in Indiana once that turned into a twenty month one, and an even longer work assignment to Wisconsin that started out to be three to six months and went twenty-seven months. On both of those I ended up asking for assignments elsewhere not because I did not like the work, the place, or the people but because after I have located the nearest bank, movie theater, Walmart, home and garden center, and auto supply and repair place, memorizing the routes to all of them, it soon gets to feel too much like a regular job, like the ones I went on the road to get away from. To me variety is not just the spice of life but is it’s water and air too.

I have enjoyed most if not all of my away work assignments and I hope whether this one to Kearney works out or not that I get to experience several more before I take off my protective toe work boots for the last time. I have driven through Kearny several times traversing the state in route on Interstate 80 from and to other work assignments. This time, if I get to head there, I will see a different part of the state getting there and be there long enough to not only learn a lot more about Kearney but much more of the Corn Husker State. I am beginning to see a new fan hat in my future, a tee-shirt, and a swear-shirt, all part of my plan to fit in and look perhaps a little less like a stranger. Indeed, I am not nor have ever been for wherever I have gone or have yet to, I am and remain to everyone I meet, work with, and write these blogs to and for…

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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