Today Is The Day

Blog 1701 – 05.18.2020

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that I expect to hear good news about my next work assignment. But, whether I do or not I believe today is the day, the only day that I or any of us truly has to live. How we cheat ourselves and those we love and who love us when we try to drag problems either past or future into our today. Even Jesus in some of his plainest words warned us against borrowing such troubles saying we have more than enough to handle today.

Scarlett’s motto: “Tomorrow is another day” has never been to me nearly as comforting as “Today is the day of salvation.” And I no longer take it to mean “born again” in just a church sense but an even larger one. We really have but this one day to be born and live, actually meditation teaches us that it is all just one eternal moment anyway – one breath in, one breath out, the air being one with love. Someone has said that dogs and other animals that we love enough to make pets of have no sense of the past or future but are only fixated on the now. I do not think that is altogether true but perhaps they have a better ability to keep focused on what is most important. They seem to find it so much easier to love unconditionally. Oh, and I know we think we can teach them to do tricks for treats and so jadedly ourselves often think that their love and loyalty is only because our feeds them. Some say we anthropormorphise their motives and actions, but I think it is more likely that they make better people of us rather than we of them.

I wander a bit off point as they seldom do relying on their truer hearts and more sensitive smellers to stay focused. The wise young boy said he knew why dogs live shorter lives than most of us. He said it was because we are all here to learn how to love and dogs instinctively already know how to do that. So do we. We just so easily let ourselves be sidelined and sidetracked by other things more often that not having to do with some past trauma or some future fear. Today is always more than enough time to show that we already know how to love. Today is the only day that any of us have to do that. Live it, love it, full out, right Samantha.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

People and animal lover,

David White

In Tribute to:

Samatha White

2002 – 2016

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