A Flash Of Inspiration

Blog 1698 – 05.15.2020

A Flash Of Inspiration

A flash of inspiration

Or just a blink of light

True/false separation

Mind freeing to write.

From the start my motive

Accomplish one of three

Entertaining, enlightening,

Encouraging others & me.

A flash of inspiration

Fireworks igniting too

My pay, my expectation

A few words with you.

Every morning I wake up glad and grateful that I was given and have seized this opportunity to share a few hopefully well-chosen words with you, my readers. And though I did hope five full years in, to have a wider following, I confess it still pleases me to think that readers around the globe are sharing my thoughts. I am no Einstein nor Tolkien and do not expect a Nobel or Pulitzer in my future for exercising my even as yours unlimited mind power. I do not consider myself better nor more deserving of attention than any one of you. I am just trying to dig a little deeper and find something worthwhile to share. That more and more writers are reading me is also encouraging to me but then I began this blog to encourage others more than to just be encouraged myself. It is a truism that only what we already possess can we truly share with anyone else. That is all well and good for I believe that no matter how it may seem at any given moment that it is all ours and we it’s/his/her’s, the entire Universe.

I saw the words above attributed to Frank Sinatra and in all the words he spoke, wrote, and mostly sang during his long singing and acting career and even longer life, I am confident that he said these word or words to this effect. My dad was not known for being as much of a singer as he was a storyteller. He could really spin a spell-binding yarn. Dad was a life long country music fan and that probably is at least part of the reason why one of my earliest most fond memories is of him singing a Sinatra pop song. I share my Mockingbird version of it here with you:


Young At Heart

I still believe way over fifty years later with The Chairman of the Board, my Lady and Lord, and my Dad that fairy tales, dreams, and inspirations still come true, to and for all of us, me and you. Just fan that spark within your own heart today and see if it is not true for you too. Three or more times words almost in a row rhyming, he’s a poet but does he know it. I do enjoy a rhyme in time.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Here every day free of charge sharing the encouraging word,

David White

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