A Positive Twist On Things

Blog 1697 – 05.14.2020

A Positive Twist On Things

For some years now I have made it my practice to try to find and put a positive spin on things. Yesterday morning, as I took an hour long walk before sunrise I noticed the ground was still wet from an over night slight shower and positive guy and rain lover that I am, I recalled a song from my youth. The chorus went like this:

“Ah, Ha, Oh No, don’t let the rain come down

Ah, Ha, Oh No, don’t let the rain come down

Ah, Ha, Oh No, don’t let the rain come down

‘Cause my roof’s got a hole it it and I might drown.”

But, of course, I had to give it a positive twist:

Ah, Ha, Oh yes, please let the rain come down

Ah, Ha, Oh yes, please let the rain come down

Ah, Ha, Oh yes, please let the rain come down

‘Cause the grass, trees, flowers all need to grow,

The whole world rest of us and we won’t drown.

Funny, I confess, making life more positive often only takes a single word change replacing the word “no” with a “yes.”

As if it were an answer to that sung prayer, it began to rain so hard that on the last few blocks of my walk home, my hat, my shirt, my shoulders and my arms were soaked. I entered the house singing to my wife, “Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day. I’ve got a beautiful feeling (rubbing my wet arms) everything going my way.” Do you often feel like you are swimming against the stream? Why not, relax and go with the flow a bit (Pun indented.)

The saying goes, “Into every life a little rain must fall” and my positive mind adds “the more, the merrier” it is all showers of blessing as far as I am concerned. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about rain and other things . If your opinions seem to make and keep you miserable you might want to consider changing a few. One last, perhaps tired, cliche, “Turn that umbrella upside and try a smile.” You will catch more blessings and rain that way. I certainly did as another favorite rain song came to mind, an old Neil Sedaka song, “I love the rainy days and the happy ways, we fell in love, walking in the rain with the one I love.”

In my early twenties I met a wonderful little five year old boy whose nightly bedtime prayer always contained the phrase as it entered the thankful phase, “And thank you God for the grass, the trees, and all the pretty flowers.” And to that I still say, “Amen, Ron, let it rain again.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Lover of rain (still a little boy inside myself) and all the lovely things it brings to life,

David White

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