To Party Or Not To Party?

Blog 1689 – 05.06.2020

To Party Or Not To Party?

Today is a day for as long as I can remember, and I have been at remembering most of this nearing for me seventy years adventure, that I have known as my brother, Robert Wayne White’s birthday. We have lived the last fifty of those years apart, sometimes even going years without seeing or being with one another even briefly. All but eighteen months of the first eighteen years, that the time I had alone with my mom and dad, that I hardly remember, before he arrived, we were inseparable. We shared everything, except our deepest closest held secrets. Even poor siblings have to have a few unique unshared things. But the desire to party never was nor ever will be for us one of them.

The title today is such an obvious paraphrase of Shakespeare’s Hamlet line, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” And yet the one question title has never been for my brother or me especially on his or my day any question at all really. Growing up we were well aware that our family was far below the income poverty line so far that for as long as they had them our phone if we even had one was a party line. Robert and I now and then never need or needed an excuse to party.

Happy Birthday, my beloved brother. It has been some time since I saw you last but my wish is always the same for you and all my kin – the highest, brightest, and the best. I hope you have your party hat on today and as trite as it may sound that this is indeed for you the best birthday yet. For many the question to ask on birthdays is “How Many?”

But as two who have attended more than our share of our own and others’ birthday parties it is no question at all, but a sheer statement of fact that we have on our minds, the theme of Robert & David’s Excellent Adventure is the same as Bill & Ted’s – Party On Dudes!

I love you, Brother, and all my brothers and sisters out there. I hope you have your party hats on or at least within reach because as always I feel a party coming on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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