Dreams Beyond Our Reach

Blog 1690 – 05.07.2020

Dreams Beyond Our Reach

I watched two of John Oliver of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” weekly shows, yesterday. One was on Television Evangelists and the other Multi-level Marketing. They had a similar theme, that of con-men and con-women preying on our desire for bigger, better, higher lives – getting rich themselves at our expense. The old adage if you can get a million people to give you a dollar you would be a millionaire played out over and over again meeting such important needs as private jets to help spread their prosperity gospel to the equally needy and greedy.

Our mistake is not to dream beyond our reach but in thinking that we have to pay someone else to realize our dreams. I also believe that “working hard, playing by the rules, keeping our head down, and our mouths shut,” is just a slight variation on the “seed faith” or “getting by selling to your friends and getting them to work for you” themes touted by TV evangelists and pyramided schemers.

Like many of you I have been duped by all three in my quest to reach my dreams but I have learned a few things, I think. One being that the reason those business plan theories get to so many of us is that much of what they say is true. Of the traditional business models and political theories that definitely is not true is the trickle down theory where we are told if we keep cutting the taxes and regulations on the big corporations and wealthiest individuals that they in good natured gratitude will create lots of good paying jobs with wonderful benefits, health, and retirement plans for their employees so that we will all rise with them – a rising tide raises all boats, so they say. Does it in this case really? Will the rich put their untaxed, unregulated, and unbelievable profits to work for people or will they put them in off shore accounts and even if they built factories and created jobs will they not more likely do that too, off shore where they can employ cheaper labor with no unions or employee benefits to hinder the more rapid growth of the size of their own pile?

Once B-grade movie actor, but more importantly long time spokesperson and pitchman for big business (everything from cigarettes to soap powder,) President Ronald Regan touted the trickle down economic theory saying it would make it morning again in America but, and at the same with flick of his slick tongue and stroke of his President’s pen destroyed the airplane controllers union, fought HIV & AIDS awareness and research, and turned thousands out of state run mental facilities across America by cutting their federal support money. Under his administration Federal programs like Social Security began to be referred to as federal give always. Social Security, admittedly a Democratic Party idea instituted under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was never and is still not a government give away but is paid for entirely by money withheld from employees’ pay checks and matching funds from their employers. Actually for many years the Socially Security Trust Fund like the United Brotherhood of Teamsters Pension Fund had great surpluses of money till politicians and mobsters (often confused for their similar behaviors, raided them promising to pay them back which they have yet to and most likely never will do.)

It is often touted how people like former President Ronald Regan and long-time Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa realized their dreams, but at what cost to others. Even after being conned by teachers, preachers, politicians, union bosses, and businessmen I still believe that we live in a benevolent Universe that gives us dreams and is more willing to make them come true for us than we are to grab them. I also believe that we have little more to do to make them come true than to clearly, consistently intend them, to think them real and realized, to have them come to us, as I believe they have for many. The good, often but not always, book says, “Ask whatsoever you will, believing, and you shall receive it.” But it would be so much better not just for us but everyone else if with all our dreaming, our asking, and our intending we added the caveat “for the good of the Universe, myself, and everyone.” Do we really want to be fat, full, happy, and rich if that means someone, perhaps, many someones have to be less so to make it so for us? Ego’s lie is that there is not enough for everyone so hook or crook we had better get ours first, damn the rest. Sounds like something Satan would say – same guy/gal, one in the same.

Thank heaven not everyone believes that lie but many have learned that the true secret to success and happiness is not an attitude of greed and one-up-man-ship but an attitude of gratitude and gratefulness. That is the secret of getting what we truly want, being happy when we do, and realizing all those Universe given dreams that seem beyond our reach. They are you know, beyond our reach, that is, but thank God, He/She/We have longer arms and more open hands than the would-be conmen, false prophets, and profiteers.

From time to time even before we realize a particularly hard to reach dream we might find it helpful to whisper aloud, “Thanks, how did you know, it is just the right size, color, and came at just the right time.” We might even if we listen carefully in our most anxious moments hear a familiar voice saying, “Relax, I got this.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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