Remembering Emily & Horsey Sandy

Blog 1688 – 05.05.2020

Remembering Emily & Horsey Sandy

When my beloved now almost eight years departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, was born her mother, I, and her first two brothers lived in Spring Branch, a suburb of Houston, Texas, in an apartment near a Kroger that had a mechanical horse ride just like the one pictured above. I saw the horse pictured on Pinterest yesterday and though years ago I wrote an episode (chapter) in the book I wrote about her entitled – Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along (posted on this blog in July of 2015, 2016, and 2017, all thirty-two episodes/chapters (if you care to read them) – one for each year of her life) I knew I would this morning retell the story again of how much as a little girl she loved riding Horsey Sandy.

As a little boy myself growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee we had a, new for it’s time, Giant Food Store, that also had a Horsey Sandy mechanical ten cent horse ride. I remembered begging my dad for dimes to ride it. So I knew my Emily would love it too and so I made sure to have a pocket full of dimes anytime we went for groceries. My memories of Emily from the first time I heard her heart beat inside her mommy, to her first airplane ride alone with me from Houston back to Tennessee at two to see my parents and pick up her nine year old brother, through the last time I saw her before she passed, all are precious to me. But none more so that the countless smiles that I remember on her tiny face as she rode the Wild West on her little cowgirl best friend, Horsey Sandy.

I’d say I miss her terribly but the truth is she is way too much a part of me for that. Happy trails to all you cowboys and cowgirls out there from Emily’s Dad and forever fan of horses, mechanical and otherwise.

When I had my first work assignment to south western Wyoming shortly after Emily passed I thrilled almost daily to see the beautiful wild mustangs running and I could imagine how it would have thrilled her forever little girl heart. I carry her wherever I go, “Yippy Kai Yeah.” Have a great day in May.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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