I Got Your Number and Your Word

Blog 1687 -05.04.2020

I Got Your Number and Your Word

I began this blog this morning as I always do typing the blog number and date and realized that I had put the wrong blog number on yesterday’s blog. After I corrected the number in my notes and in my Word Press account, I had my title and launching pad for today’s. I am as anxious as I hope many of you are too, to see where this goes. I was told as were most of us in school that good public speaking and writing always require an outline and a plan. Some of the best outlines that I and perhaps you too ever wrote were after composing the speech, essay, or short story. Outlines are must easier to write accurately afterwards not before. And it is easier to say, that is what I worked so hard to do or say when really it came to us quite easy when we figured out what we really wanted.

We are most often told by highly successful people that their success, at whatever, is due to hard work, but that just is not true. As my Note from the Universe this morning reads, and I agree, it is not hard work we need so much as just a clearly defined dream. By far the hardest part of the process of success is just figuring out what it is we truly want and putting our request out there, fully expecting to receive it. But read the note for yourself:

Smart phone technology makes it so much easier to share a whole world of things and also makes research for writing so much easier everyday. I have already, barely five years in to writing this daily blog, become the writer I hoped to become when I was a young man over fifty years ago. I would have realized this goal far sooner and perhaps many others had I not been distracted by those erroneous “hard work” explanations for success professed by so many and I might have realized long ago as Mike Dooley teaches and so well that, “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.” Is life success really as easy as that? Come on all you successful folks, admit it, the undeniable answer is, “Heavens, Yes.” Or as the Good (sometimes) Book puts it, “Ask whatsoever you will, believing, and you shall receive it.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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