One Hundred Years To Live

Blog 1672 – 04.20.2020

One Hundred Years To Live

We, none of us, really ever knows how long we have to live. Soon it will be twenty-three years ago that my son of seven at the time got up from breakfast to hear his his grandpa say, “Son, I have some good news and some bad news for you. I have decided to leave this sword to you when I die. But, the bad news is that I plan to live to be a hundred.” Little did my daddy know that morning would be his last and that he would pass out of this life with a stroke that day and his little grandson would be taking that sword home to Texas with him, sad at the lost of his grandpa.

For some years I have sent an intention out into the Universe with gladness and gratitude for the hundred plus years that I fully expect to get to live this go round. I add the caveat, so long as I feel good, with all the parts working more or less with ease, and especially my mind. You sure are picky and demanding, Crazy Dave, you might say. But, this is my dream and I have always had it my way so why should I expect the last thirty or so years to be any different in that regard. I have a lot of BS, blogs, and songs left in me. Here is one I recorded yesterday just for you, my few, as yet, but most devoted fans, at least of the blogs I hope.
100 Years

The song has some pretty high notes, not my forte, so I did it as a duet with the guy on the karaoke disc. Check out the Five For Fighting version to hear it sung the best. I am more of a word guy anyway than singer so I hope which ever version you like best that you will pay attention to the words, the message of which is that since it is likely that you and I may have only a hundred years to live, if even that, this go round, we should slow down a bit and make the most of it.

When I was a boy I thought fifteen had to be about the most perfect age, still not bad if you only have one hundred years to live. I like to ask children and adults (not women, though I may not look it, I am smarter and more well- mannered than that) how old they are and whatever their answer I always remark, “That is a wonderful age to be.” I used to believe that we have only one life to live from a book that some, I think, might have misinterpreted too as saying that and took literally as well the verse about our getting only three score and ten (70) years to live. My dad beat that by almost four years and this November, the Universe willing, I will hit the seventy year mark. But, sometime ago I began to think maybe that book, if it really meant that, was wrong not only about the number of years but the number of lives. I have a sneaky suspicion that we are as old as the Universe and have lived already many lives with many more yet to come. Still, I think we could and should make the very best of each one especially this one.

I love you, daddy, mommy, daughter and so many dear and departed others but hey I look forward to seeing you all after this one, on my next hundred year go round.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

2 thoughts on “One Hundred Years To Live

  1. Glad to see you’re still kickin David, I slip over and read your stuff periodically, it’s good shit. Your old welder buddy Jimmy


    1. Thanks for reading Jim. I think of you often and still have the short handle shovel you ground the handle on for me in the back of my truck. Glad to hear you are still kicking too. I think I will be headed soon to Little Rock, Arkansas for a similar long term work assignment as I had with Alliant in Wisconsin. All the highest and best wishes to you and yours. Your buddy, DJW


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