When I’m Sixty-Four

Blog 1671 – 04.19.2020

When I’m Sixty-Four

Though not itself sung with the extensive catalogue of Beatles songs that are in last years’ movie, “Yesterday” it is mentioned in a joke that Jack Malik tells his manager/friend in hospital waking up from an eventful bus/bike accident. The joke falls rather flat as she has no idea that Jack is referring to what is to him a well-known song which she evidences by her parting remark, “Why sixty-four?”

As a young lad I first heard “When I’m Sixty-Four” and now several years passed sixty-four I still enjoy hearing it and singing it. I began my karaoke career, if there is such a thing, with that song. In the late summer of 1993 my wife and I with our young son, Jonathan, flew from Houston, Texas to my parents’ home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I was born and raised. My wife and I attended the casual Friday evening event of my twenty-fifth high school reunion. It was held on a rented riverboat docked on the Tennessee River and there was, drinking, dancing, and karaoke. I had opted to only attend the Friday evening event preferring the casual gathering to the more formal one on Saturday evening that seemed more for show than just old friends gathering to have some fun. I still think I made the better choice for me and my wife. We both had a good time. I had never been, not being a frequenter of bars much due to my “misspent youth” in a very narrow and tee-totaling fundamentalist religion, where they had karaoke before. My wife asked me to sing her a song so I got up and looked through the DJ’s list and found When I’m Sixty Four figuring I knew it well enough not to embarrass myself or her too much. I belted it out like the torch singer I might have been in another life and garnered no little applause and a smile from my wife. I did not know at the time that most people have to have several drinks to sing karaoke. Not me, I am always ready to sing or at least to make a joyful noise. Actually I am not sure whether it was the water, the drinks or my singing like a rock-star but I did get laid like a rock-star that evening in my parents extra bedroom. So that high school reunion the first and only one I ever attended was quite memorable for me and my wife too, I think.

Here is my karaoke version of the song that I just recorded a couple of days ago. I hope you can hear the smile in my voice. And I hope you will, if you have not, see the movie, Yesterday.


When I’m Sixty-Four

Your friend and fellow traveler,

At almost seventy on my way passed 100 I hope,

David White

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