Three Times A Lady

Blog 1673 – 04.21.2020

Three Times A Lady

The last several days I have allowed karaoke songs I have sung and recorded to be the themes and the launching points of my blogs. Today is the last for a while in this series. As I have said in the past and repeat, I do not set great store in my singing ability and prefer to think of my writing as one of my better gift but then I am, all of us are, I think, multifaceted, multidimensional, with many and varied gifts, many of which we fail to explore.

Three Times A Lady

I have during this adventure tried to explore some of mine. As my blog business card reads, I bill myself as Writer, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter, Teacher though I have never, as yet anyway, actually earned my living with any of those gifts. The fact is, at this late date in my working career, with at most three to five years left before at least partial retirement, more and more I refuse opportunities to monetize my gifts choosing to share them freely as the were given me. Do I practice and try to polish them so my performance of them will be the best? Yes, indeed I do, but much as I jokingly say that we are all whores because we work for money, I do not want to barter my talents, such as they are, but to just give them away. They say people appreciate more what they have to pay, and dearly for. Maybe so, but so long as I am read and listened to by as many as possible, that is more than enough fame and reward for me.

Today’s song and theme is Three Times A Lady. They again, whoever they are, also say behind every man is a great woman, several I should think, but one that stands out. Lionel Richie when he was with The Commodores first recorded this lovely ballad and I loved it the first time I heard it. I have sung it many times and even recorded my karaoke version of it twice. This higher key version I did just a couple of days ago. The First Lady that I sang Three Times A Lady to was my baby girl, Emily Elaine, from the time she was so little she rode in a car seat next to me in my little Ford Courier pick-up truck. I especially liked singing to her the lines, “When we are together, the moments I cherish, with every beat of my heart” for I did savoring every moment during her thirty-two year life here that I got to share with her. I still think of Emily every time I hear or sing this song, and, truth be told, a host of ladies who have been and still are dear to me beginning with my twenty years ago departed mom and so many others that helped me to feel loved and whom I loved in return. But there is one, though she doubts it from time to time, that the song most applies to, my last wife and best girlfriend, Linda Lee Stokes. I am, as most men are, difficult to live with and put up with. And as well as she thinks she knows me, she does not know the complete mess I really am, but she has and does love me better than anyone I have ever known and I do her as well. Is our love or marriage perfect? Indeed, it is not, for we are flawed imperfect vessels carrying within us this unfathomable treasure. “Dare I name it,”as Rhett Butler says to Scarlett O’Hara, “Is it, can it be, love?” Yes, it is. And though I continue to profess to have found the religion (belief) that makes me love everybody, more than any other, Linda Lee, is once, twice, three times a lady to me. Namaste, my Dear, I bow to the divine Lady Goddess in you.

Your forever friend and fellow traveler,

And lover of LLS,

David White

Staying in place with her these unexpected but so enjoyable months, we have shared many a precious moment that I will cherish and praise the Universe for, well for, as long as there is.

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