What A Wonderful World

Blog 1667 – 04.15.2020

What A Wonderful World

Even with its occasional storms, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and virus out breaks, I can say with gladness and gratefulness that I believe it truly is a wonderful world.

Why, I will even sing it for you:


And my daughter, some would say my dear departed daughter, now almost eight years, Emily Elaine White too:


Her voice as you can tell and singing talent are far better than mine. I’d like to tell you that I taught her every thing she knew, knows, but the opposite would be closer to true. I am in my almost nine months of doing daily David Reads Children’s Books readings, almost half way through Madeline L’Engles wonderful book, A Wrinkle in Time. Here is yesterday’s chapter:


A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter 6

Emily turned me on to that book when she first read it while in Middle School. On a plane trip back from Tennessee and South Carolina to Texas once while still a young teen Emily sat on the plane behind her brother, other mother, and me. Next to Emily sat a young college educated woman and as they discussed the books of Madeline L’Engle that young woman too learned a few things from my intelligent and so compassionate daughter.

One of the most wonderful things about this wonderful world to me is sharing it with Emily. But, you must have been devastated when she left it you might be thinking, but I would have to say I guess that she has never really left it for me. I have carried her in my heart since even before her hasty arrival and that first proud walk that I had with her in my arms from the delivery room to the hospital nursery. She has been right here in her loving daddy’s heart ever since and will be as long as I live this life and perhaps through many more.

I can always hear her sweet voice singing wherever I go, “What A Wonderful World.” And now a few more of you can too, a lot more will, before I am through.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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