The Finest Whine, Aged To Perfection

Blog 1666 – 04.14.2020

The Finest Whine, Aged To Perfection

Would you like me to tell you what I think is the finest whine, aged to perfection? Probably not, but here goes anyway: It is religious people blaming all their troubles on an invisible inattentive God. It is crazy to me the way even God-loving folk blame natural disasters on God, calling this tornado, that hurricane, blizzard or virus “an act of God.”

Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the people and people can, all of us, often act like real dopes, but by far the most dopey thing many of us do is to blame our problems on God, the government, the boss or anybody or anything else besides the usual and most often guilty suspect, ourself.

I had a boss once that said, “Do not come to me with a problem unless you can with it propose at least one solution, because I have too much to do to waste time with that nonsense.” And whining is nonsense and only serves to waste more time than it would usually take to figure out the best way to solve even the most difficult and complicated of problems. Besides nobody wants to hear us whine, not even ourselves. The older the whine the more bitter it tastes and the more difficult it is to swallow.

Where is the encouraging word in that, ole knowing one, you might be thinking. Just this: How about we try doing what I like to think of as a “reverse Jesus”, who according to the tales told about him (some even true) grew very weary with whiners, and turn that whine into water and wash our minds and hearts of all that stupid “victim” business. We were never meant to be victims but victors, never meant to be whipped but to conqueror in all things, A la, “If God be for us who indeed can be against us.”

As you have probably guessed by the beginning of this piece I have quite a problem with religion in general and reject most religious takes on God, usually portrayed in them as some vengeful, hateful, blood-thirsty, jealous, fun-killing judge, ever ready to burn us or nail us with some charge, born and sharpen in iniquity, indeed, give me and all of us a break, religious freaks. Even the god called Science is portrayed as a chaos theory mad bomber who began everything with a Big Bang and has killed and thrilled indiscriminately all throughout history, calling us all ignorant if we do not buy even their craziest unproven theories as facts. That takes a bit more faith than many have, it being even easier to believe in a toll-collecting fiery volcano god who has a thing for pretty young girls than a “shit happens” nerd-god.

The God that I believe in is none of those nasty things I listed above that most all religious people think he/she is, no, not even one, but is best pictured by the prodigal son’s dad in one of Jesus’ parables or stories. He was not fearful nor demanding of anything but the best for his children. He was patient, loving and kind, a perfect parent, (a la a heavenly parent, the one Jesus taught us to pray to in the Lord’s Prayer) the one I think Jesus and all our brothers past, present, and future have in common with us, the one we can trust more that money, or any of the millions of different rules and conflicting stories that we are told about who God supposedly is or who we are, created in her/his image.

That God is not jealous nor ever whines, “The kids these days got no respect for all the hard work I have done for them.” Rather his favorite line is something like, “My Child, you thought I did not care, dreamed you were lost, but my love in you awoke you, put you on the road back to me, and guided your thoughts home to me, whom you never really left nor ever could. Come on everybody, let’s party.”

Stop your whining now, how about a glass of the good stuff instead? Oh, and pass us a plate of that fatted calf, you steak lovers, or delicious vegetables with avocado dip, you vegetarians.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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