Four Words, Four Faces of Love

Blog 1668 – 04.16.2020

Four Words, Four Faces of Love

I was told anecdotally many years ago that nearer to the North Pole the native people’s language for conjugal love literally translated “laugh.” That gives the abbreviation “lol” (lots of laughs or laugh out loud) an even fuller, sweeter meaning, to me. Eros is one Greek word for love, and the Greek language has several. The Greek god Eros was the same as the Roman god Cupid and we hear a lot about him especially around Valentines Day. When those who believe there are lesser loves and in some sort of love hierarchy speak of “bad” loves I am reminded of a rock song from my youth that said, “Even a bad love is better than no love at all.” In my mind even the so called “lesser loves” emanate from the progenitor of all loves and lead though maybe along wild and winding paths to a deeper fuller understanding of Love, him/herself.

Another Greek word for love is the root word that Philadelphia comes from Delphia meaning “city” and the first part brother or familial love. The term friendship also derives from this sense of love for indeed friends are the family we get to choose while living in this great city of brotherly or family love.

A third Greek word for love, that Christians especially like to talk about is agape. Here is what my phone dictionary has to say about that. It is usually meant to refer to, again by those who believe in a love hierarchy, as the highest form of love, God or Christ self-sacrificing love, with no “what’s in it for me” but only “what’s in if for thee” considered, a rare love indeed in its 100° form if it even exists or ever shows itself that way. I like especially the adjective, adverb meaning and think of the joke about the naked high diver whose head over hills flipping dive spelled out Wow, Mom, Wow, Mom… Mother love again for the hierarchical folk is a biggie.

The translators of the King James Version first published over four hundred years ago, but unbeknownst to most of those who believe it is the best, truest version having been updated and revised to modernize the language several times, those translators chose the English word “charity” to best describe agape love in what is called the love chapter, I Corinthians Chapter 13.

Again and for the last time at least in this short piece let me say I do not believe in lesser loves or that there’s a love hierarchy but that love in all it’s wonderful forms with all its many faces reveal the face of God, Who and Whose we are. In that love chapter the Apostle Paul who sometimes in spite of his many quirks and blind spots, we all, too, have them, nailed it when he wrote:

And hey I know some are completely turned off by Bible quotes and some completely turned on by them. I have a various times been both, but then that is life, that is love. Today I just had some fun looking deep into the face of God, of Love, same difference, coming to a mirror near you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

P.S. As for today’s pic, I just Googled “four faces of love pic” and that is one of many pics that Google offered me. Pretty as those four faces are, all blondes, (I love brunettes and redheads all shades too)we can enjoy the one in the mirror just as much if we really know Who’s face we are looking at. Enough writ, at least, today. Hopefully I will have another chance to write “I love you” in a new entertaining and encouraging way tomorrow.

Again YF&FT – DW

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