Here’s To A World With Fewer Walls, But Bigger, Better Bridges, After This

Blog 1659 – 04.07.2020

Here’s To World With Fewer Walls But Bigger, Better Bridges, After This

Grant you, there are sometimes dark and distressing days and we may have yet some disappointing ones ahead but, I think, if we look closer and more mindfully that we can yet find even in the darkest of them an encouraging word. So what, Crazy Dave, in the midst of a pandemic, that may not have yet reached the apex of highest diagnosed cases nor the largest number of deaths per day, is today’s encouraging word? Here are some encouraging words for even days as dark as this: “This too shall pass.”

Not quite a hundred years ago The Spanish Flu spread across the globe killing millions world wide, no family was untouched by loss, but in time it passed and barely a generation later another World War took its place in the minds of most as its death and destruction seemed far more current and devastating. Our lives are already different because of this pandemic, more different than many of us ever imagined possible in so short a time and we have yet to know exactly all the changes that this disease will make in our world. But, as I said, this too shall pass, and life will go on.

We can choose to let fear further limit our lives and choices or we can decide to do our part to create a new normal after the all clear sounds, a better more loving and caring society with a more level playing field and greater opportunities for all and not just the lighter skinned, rich, male, strait, and powerful few. Bernie may never realize social re-engineering as he envisions it, but hopefully our fears of big government will give way to ideas of better government, more open, transparent, and honest government, where “the greater good” and not just greater profits for a few made greater by expensive and democracy stunting lobbying efforts is the rule of this or any other land.

It seems evident, to at least some of us, that dictatorial regimes (perhaps even our own) have hindered the scientists and medical people from doing their jobs and from protecting us, perhaps preventing, or at least minimizing the effects of this terrible disease. Hopefully, we will learn to pick our political leaders more carefully and not just those who promote and prey, on our differences and our fears but help draw us together. But, then we shall see. It is encouraging, to me, to think, to hope, so.

Our encouraging words must be inclusive and not exclusive, opening up borders not closing them, tearing down walls not building more thicker and higher ones between us. Our encouraging words should be all about building bridges to bring us together after the virus has played out. For the third time: “This too shall pass.” And when it does may it leave us much more than just many grave markers with 2020 death dates on them, but with many more bridges to join us together with 2020 on them, if not as their dedication dates at least as their designed dates.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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