Entitled To Ask Questions And Get At The Truth

Blog 1660 – 06.08.2020

Entitled To Ask Questions And Get At The Truth

Every day there is a new mile stone as the totals rise and with them the fear that we have yet to see the worst days of this devastating pandemic. I have purposely avoided watching a great deal of the constantly streaming news but I did catch a few minutes of the President’s news conference last night. For over three years he has avoided press conferences like the plague preferring his election style large rallies to adoring preselected crowds to questioning reporters whose lips might not always praise his every move but be ever questioning of his true agenda.

HBO has for several weeks now been running a series base on Phillip Roth’s best selling book, The Plot Against America, a scary rewrite of history and of of how wrong things might have gone had we elected Charles Lindbergh President in 1940. I watched this week’s episode just before catching part of the President’s press conference. How President Trump loathes the free press and would have us mistrust any voices saying things different from his own. He seems to hope that he has taken the COVID-19 virus too hostage to his agenda. When one lady reporter asked about his remark just a few weeks ago that it was just a flu and nothing to worry about, he quickly ridiculed her and said his flu remark was really a reference to the Spanish Flu of a hundred years ago that killed millions. It reminded me of my favorite Hitler quote about the big lie:

We, all of us, have told and believed little lies from time to time, but most of us do not believe that any one is bad enough or bold enough to to tell the really big lies. In that we have been proven wrong over and over again and still continue to give our leaders too often the benefit of the doubt to the detriment of our nation and our world.

I believe that “The truth will out” and that “The truth will set us free.” The big lies are told to make and keep us slaves. The Jews, people of color, and the Native Americans know about lies and slavery, indeed we all do for we have all at one time or another believed and been held hostage to this big lie or that. It behooves us all to pay a little closer attention to the big sounding words coming out of our leaders mouths and to keep our eye on that little lying man behind the curtain. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a Circus Showman Flim Flam Man, not unlike a once beer hall rabble rouser become dictator and more recently a TV reality show host and producer, purportedly a billionaire, become President and leader of the “free” world.

We ought to support the Free Press who question everything for us and continue to point out inaccuracies. Do they always get it right? No, indeed, they do not, none of us do, but they investigate, uncover the facts, and even admit and retract their errors. Retracting and apologizing seem both to be some things our political leaders believe to be signs of weakness, avoiding them and the press like a plague or the flu, preferring to spin and spin web after web of increasingly bigger lies. We must all be mindful of what we believe and accept as true for it will either free us and keep us free or lead to slavery for us all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Entitled as you are to ask questions and get honest answers,

David White

Disclaimer to those Donald Trump fans who think I am dissing the President: Yes, the above is an opinion piece, but in my opinion trying to tell the biggest lie you can get away with is not just showmanship but is very dangerous. History, I think, has born that out over and over again. The framers of this country believed the Free Press as much as the three distinct branches of government they set up would help us stay a free nation not headed by a king, a queen, or a dictator. I think they were right.

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