Another Manic Monday

Blog 1658 – 04.06.2020

Another Manic Monday

Manic and panic are neither one good for limiting stress which does a number on our immune systems. In this times when many if not most of us are concerned with catching and perhaps dying from to the COVID 19 virus it may be a bit difficult to stay calm. One thought that might help is remembering if we can the lullabies that our parents and, those fortunate enough to have had, grandparents sang to us to soothe us when we were babies. Don’t remember way back then? Of course you do, maybe not the words exactly, but the comforting and calming voices and melodies.

I have for some time been recording children’s book readings for friends with children and grandchildren that they might share them with their precious ones and for more than a week I have been not just David White the reading and writing buddy but the reading, writing & singing buddy too as I have been sharing the songs from A Children’s Treasury of Songs, Illustrations by Linda Bleck, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York. Here are the last two in the book that I recorded today just for you.
Three Blind Mice & John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

The words in the first song might to adults seem a bit gory or scary and the words and the da da(s) in the second a bit silly but children especially small ones find them comforting and fun which is exactly what we all need to help us feel calm, safe, and secure in these difficult and unusual times.

My advise, and no body asked for it, to youngsters and oldsters alike is to, if you feel the need as many of us do to watch TV, watch just a little news to stay informed and the rest of the time watch entertaining movies, and sitcoms, sprinkled with a little Sesame Street and the Muppets.

We, my wife and I, got to finally share our son’s thirtieth birthday day with him yesterday over a nice Popeye’s Chicken meal that he picked up on his way to see us. He and I were sharing our life philosophies and he said his was a modified serenity prayer where he tries to think about the things he could change focusing on a select few of those at a time. I told him my life philosophy was the same as Doctor Tooth’s, the Muppet Band leader, “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.” It works even for three blind mice and guys named John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Rock-a-bye baby in the tree tops…

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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