Feeling The Connection Yet?

Blog 1657 – 04.05.2020

Feeling That Connection Yet?

Those who have come to that time and place in our lives where we have made our peace with ourselves enough to really enjoy our alone time have also come to feel our deeper connection with others. This time of social distancing and staying in place has heightened that awareness. I have read several psychiatric evaluations of Funny Girl Barbra Streisand’s hit song saying that people who need people have a problem and an incomplete awareness of their individual wholeness and holiness. And though I believe that true, I think even and especially those who are aware of their wholeness and holiness “want” to share it with others. Often people seem to use “need” and “want” like they are synonyms but they are not.

“Need” means lacking, necessity and “want” means wish, desire. And as one who loves words, the full flower of their meanings, both these words have deeper fuller meanings that often do come close together, but saying “I need” and “I want” have different connotations. Exploring our place and our connection to not just others, but to all there is, I think, is an important , if not the most important reason that we embarked upon this particular adventure to begin with.

As I penned in yesterday’s blog these are extra ordinary times. I remember one of the lines that we practiced typing over and over in typing class in Middle School over fifty years ago, it was:

“These are the times that try men’s souls:” (That was the opening phrase of Thomas Paine’s pamphlet published in December of 1776.)

Another we typed similar to it was:

“Now is the time when all good men should come to the aid of their country.”

That line also an American Revolution era quote but from Patrick Henry.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen for the sexist language, but even more for the limiting to national interest of the sentiment. For in these extra ordinary times, indeed in and at all times, we should all come together not just to make the place where we live but to make our whole world better not just for a few chosen individuals in a particular “promised land” but everybody, every where. Thinking only of our selves and our welfare is not selfish but stupid for even true self interest takes in the bigger picture. We are connected, what touches another touches me.

I remarked to my son in a long telephone conversation on his thirtieth birthday, Friday last, that we had a joke in Tennessee that I heard as a boy about Texans, known to be proud of their state. (And I pointed out that Tennesseans have always had an affinity for Texas having contributed the likes of Davy Crockett, Sam Houston and others to its founding as first a separate country and then as a state.) The joke goes:

“Do you know why Texans all have brown-eyes? (Then the answer with a palm down flat salute over the brow.) Because they are full of _ _it, up to here.”

Having thus far been in all fifty U.S. States and eleven other countries, I can tell you, if only anecdotally, that everyone thinks that their state, country, is the biggest and best no matter what anyone else thinks or says. As we discover other worlds and one day live on them we may need to expand our concept from our world to our universe. I have a feeling that what is true of Texas is true of the whole Universe both the pride and the full of it thing. It is, I think, all good and all the people and things in it too.

I believe that we are all whole and holy, but also that there is a connection, a tie that binds us all together. And as the old song says, “Blest be the tie that binds.” Are you feeling the connection yet?”

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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