Puppies Vs. Kittens

Blog 1654 – 04.02.2020

Puppies Vs. Kitties

I, myself, have always thought of myself as a dog man but many women and men prefer cats. And as the writer of the famous if stretched analogy book, Women Are From Venus, And Men Are From Mars, put it, generally men act more like dogs and women, cats. Is it any surprise then that we come at most if not all things from a different point of view. Opposites not only attract but often compliment if allowed too.

We think it is so difficult to love someone unlike ourselves when that of course is never ever really the case. Whether we see it or not, it is the things about others, most like us, that repel us the most, and the things in them we see that we aspired to be that attract us most.

But back to the dog and cat thing. In general dogs are thought to be loyal, devoted, and follow you around, licking at your hills for attention and a good petting. Most are more happy with scraps from your table than the most expensive dog food. They love even to eat the crotches out of your worn underwear if they are left accessible. I will not dwell on that particular likeness of men to dogs that some women could find quite appealing if they let themselves. Great sex is neither clean nor neat but is in many cases an acquired taste, like well worn underwear is to doggies so yummy.

Cats are forever preening and cleaning and generally act most often quite aloof unless it is cold, then they seem to have a little more desire to cuddle for warmth. They also seem, many, if not most of them, to exhibit the most desire for coupling when procreation not recreation is its aim. When that biological clock goes off as in the song, Nick Of Time, hell indeed hath no fury nor heat like a woman scorned.


Nick Of Time

As kittens and puppies we are all cuter and cuddlier and we lose a lot of that attraction with the passing of time at least to those who see only the outside. To those who see deeper we are always playful puppies and kittens. In case you are wondering where I may be headed with this, just hang on, I will let you know just as soon as I get there.

Puppies and kittens do a lot of adventuresome wandering with little planning if allowed. Cats with their agility and climbing skills are much harder to keep in than are dogs. Regular feeding, a little petting, and most of us guys are content not to wander too far from home even if the gate is left wide opened. Cats are harder to satisfy. They want more. The old saying goes, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” I always think of Mary Todd Lincoln when I hear that. They say she dated Stephen Douglas when he was already a noted politician because she wanted to someday be the First Lady but dropped him when she met the young struggling lawyer, Abe Lincoln, because she saw in him the makings of a greater man, a greater President. And she knew she could bring out the best in him even if it required a lot of mending, molding, pushing and prodding. In my mind I always finish the “Behind every great man there is a great woman line” with “Yeah, pushing, pulling, prodding and shoving him forward every inch of the way.” Most of the real progress in life and problems and broken things that have gotten fixed has not been done alone by the ingenuity and invention of man alone, but was mostly inspired and instigated by the discontent and desire of a better world for herself and her children of women.

You do, my Dears, bring out the very best in us men. It is high time we acted like it and treated you not as equals nor just gave lip service i.e. “our better half” comments. Women are not equal to men, they are the superior gender in countless ways deserving greater position, pay, and praise to recognize the same. Fearful little men who do most of their thinking with their little brain have devised religions, political, and social systems to keep women down, powerless and subservient, but “that old world is rapidity fading…better get out of the way if you can’t lend your hand” as Bob Dylan has been singing to us for more than fifty years.

Perhaps we can indeed teach old dogs, some of them anyway, a few new tricks. High time, the kitties and cats took charge and the puppies and dogs rode in the back and behaved themselves. We shall see, I believe, in my lifetime that even more true progress and innovation will reveal itself when that shift takes place.

Your friend fellow traveler,

Ole hound dog, lover too of cats and kittens,

David White

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