Know, Ken, Kin

Blog 1653 – 04.01.2020

Know, Ken, Kin

Our minds are always looking for patterns in the seeming chaos, trying to make sense of things. The religion called Science tells us that everything is random while at the same time pushing a theory, many scientists, call Big Bang, that seems itself to require that there was a particular finger to trigger it. Though I have perhaps acted, spoke, and wrote like it, at times, I am not, never have, nor expect to ever be one of those guys who has all the answers. Like most of you I am just trying to figure out enough to enjoy the ride.

I am, nevertheless, always looking for and following clues. I am a fan of The Starz Network’s popular series Outlander. Having had the wonderful opportunity of working in Scotland for several weeks some years ago and being descended from the Scot clan, Davidson, on my mother’s side, I especially enjoy watching the Fraser and Mackenzie histories unfold in Scotland and the United States on Outlander. The Scot characters’ language in the show is peppered with Gaelic words. One of the most often used is “ken” for the English equivalent “know.” And that got me thinking (Yes, I know, always a dangerous thing.)

A life-long student and lover of the language of the King James Version of the Bible, I remembered that “know” is often used for sexual intimacy – “Adam knew his wife and she conceived” and so on and so on till the commandment, “Be fruitful and multiply”, the one commandment men and women seem to have the least trouble with has been perhaps a bit overzealously obeyed. Even if you do not believe the Big Bang theory, or the two in the garden and baby makes two times three billion or more, Bible story version of beginnings, or even think the how, when, and why completely unknowable. I think we can know, ken, that we are kin and treat everyone in the best and highest sense of that word.

I said yesterday that we are all in the same boat but even more than that we are family. Having had only one surviving sibling, a brother, eighteen months my junior, with whom I as boys do was always vying for parental attention, squabbling a lot, and wrestling even exchanging more than a few slaps. I can tell you no other kids were allowed to touch him. If only we could only know, ken, and act more like the true family that we are, prizing and protecting one another. Three K(s) (Not that plain white robed klan) to think about – know, ken, and kin.

I even found a lost golf club cover yesterday with a Scot name on it (Golf began in Scotland) out riding my bike, to picture on my blog today. Random perhaps, or is it, for so many things seem a thread, a part of a pattern, as intricate and full of meaning as Scot Tartans, MacGregor, Fraser, Davidson, and all the rest. All the clans pointing to the one. We are as the diversity commercial says, “Not the same” but then neither are the children of the same parents not even “identical” twins.

To all my clansmen, (even the sadly mistaken white robed ones and others who think themselves superior for one or more of their differences) my family, my friends, I wish you all joy, health, and happy trails.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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