A Shout Out, Happy Birthday

Blog 1655 – 04.03.2020

A Shout Out, Happy Birthday

Two Very Important People to me, and I believe everyone is a V.I.P., are celebrating birthdays today, one my handsome and intelligent son turns thirty, and the other the pretty little princess granddaughter of a dear friend in Wisconsin turns one.

For several years while I was on Facebook I tried to send a unique and thoughtful birthday greeting to each of my Facebook friends on their special day. Soon it will be three years since I parted company with Facebook, disappointed that it had become more a platform for hate speech and political propaganda than a meeting place for friends, but then the profit motive and power and influence over others often does create and seek out such a platform. I got on Facebook and stayed on it as long as I did last time hoping to promote my blog. I find I have more time to write now not being on Facebook.

Even when I share my most heartfelt and strongest opinions on this blog I try to remember two things first and foremost, I try to remember to be kind and to remember opinions change so that if I end up having to swallow mine they will go down easier. The comic line that I have heard in several Romantic-Comedy movies, “I do not think I said that, but it sounds like me” is too true for most of us to be all that funny.

I hope the two that I mentioned above have a wonderful day today, all my former Facebook friends, too, and each and everyone of you, also on your birthday, and everyday. This song is for you. It is an everyday song, but good for Birthdays too.

Even though each one of these terrible rising death toll to COVID-19 numbers means someone else will be missing their next birthday and yours, they most especially would not want us to worry but to be happy for every day we get to have that they do not. Do stay in place and maintain social distancing as I hope to see you standing and smiling on the other side of this.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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