Blog 1652 – 03.31.2020


Even men trying hard to act like dictators and despots sometimes say the darndest things, Mr. Linletter. All you young folk, just Google that dated reference, you might learn something. Was that rude? Cabin fever may be making us all a bit cranking, waiting on the all clear to leave our “Shelter In Place” homes that maybe are starting to feel like bomb shelters or prisons after a few weeks of virtual self-quarantine. There’s no need to be mean to others, we are, after all, all in the same boat.

Why then do so many keep trying to pretend they are more special, talented, or gifted? Why, for money, fame, prestige, a leg up, the good life, of course. My dear departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, in one of her annual Father’s Day mixed music CD(s) sent me the song, “All For the Best.” The complete lyrics follow:

I find it a bit ironic that the song was produced by Godspell. I think Napoleon and Marx were perhaps on to something and I am neither pro-fascist, pro-Communist, or even completely anti-religion for that matter. Religion is defined as belief, sane or superstitious, usually and in many cases perhaps a bit of both. As long as our beliefs are serving us they can be both encouraging and work good for us, i.e. a young child’s belief in a red velvet and white fur-clad break-in specialist who gives away more than he receives – great gifts for a few request-filled annual notes and a few well placed cookies and cups of milk.

The Apostle Paul wrote, “When I was a child I spoke as a child, reasoned a child, acted like a child, but when I became a grown-up, I put away childish things.” Did he indeed, do any of us at all or entirely? Much of the time not even thinking as clearly, well, and as hard as we I should.

Napoleon’s quote above and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto remark about religion being the opiate of the masses though usually not very popular with religious folks does in more ways than just anecdotally make some sense. The common folk put up with a lot because their religions teach to honor and obey the king and government who both historically have not deserved to be honored or obeyed all that much. I am not for revolution or sharpening the guillotine necessarily but I am for justice, equity, and equal pay, access, and opportunity across the board. I really marvel that the poor, women, minorities, and especially people of color have continued to accept the proverbial “shitty end of the stick” for way too long.

I hope after this time of disease imposed social distance that we will all come to a better understanding that we are truly in the same boat and that we will make a real effort to start seeing not just our differences but our likeness and the deservedness of all for a equal share in this wonderful pie.

Well, that’s my “two cents” for today. Even Napoleon and Marx gave us theirs, perhaps we should listen to all not just the 1% who I believe are the real driving force behind most all religions, not practicing them per se but as Patrons in especially the Patrons and Peons (pee-ons) sense.

Let liberty, freedom, justice, equity, and equal opportunity and access ring. If they do we may look back on this COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic as not just a terrible and tragic time but one of reflection and awakening as well. So be it for one and all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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