“A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody”

Blog 1651 – 03.30.2020

“A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody”

During this time of “Staying In Place” as much as possible and waiting for work assignments to start up again my lovely wife has tried to busy herself with putting jigsaws puzzles together. I am not the puzzlers she is (Most of us guys are way simpler than the ladies) and I have contributed solving but one piece in the last couple she has completed (And certainly not the last piece for that one is always the easiest and could get a person shot for taking that honor un-offered.) Sometimes my mother’s two boys may have done a few foolish things but complete idiots we are not, no one is, no not even him no matter how many brazen mistruths and stupid or egotistical sounding things he has said. But I would rather write of pretty girls than viruses or politics or Presidents.

The song says “A pretty girl is like a melody” and we are told that pretty is as pretty does just as stupid and crazy are a la Forest Gump to Jenny on their first meeting. Jenny was to Forest the prettiest name, face, and voice in the wide world. And still probably my favorite scene in the book and the movie is where after Forest has recounted most of the beautiful and the breathtaking moments of their lives seemingly apart, ending with the mountain lake and sunset dessert where it looked like there were two skies and he could hardly tell where the earth ended and the sky began, he pauses and Jenny says, “I wish I could have been there with you.” Then Forrest with his simple but profound loving wisdom says, “You were.”

No matter how alone any of us ever feels in this life we never are for we are connected to all who ever have, ever will, and do at this moment love us. I am glad and grateful for every lovely thing that I have ever seen and shared, especially every lovely song, every pretty girl, and most especially for the one who wears my ring and I one for her to symbolize a closeness, a connection, that we share with no one else.

Life is not always simple nor is it always easy to figure out how the pieces fit together. Sometimes we are so sure two pieces will fit together but they just do not. Most and in some cases all the pretty girls are meant for someone else who will get to hear their songs up close and personal. But all can enjoy the public view and the public performances. Many of us lucky ones get to take a partner home with us and practice our harmonies together for days, weeks, months, and years, adding our polished duets to the music of the spheres. Thank heaven, for my own pretty girl and the wondrous song we share, like the Song of Solomon, and Forrest and Jenny’s.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
Making beautiful music together,
David White

Duet With My Baby

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