Think Positive

Blog 1639 – 03.17.2020

Think Positive

I believe that what comes to us at any given time is what we attract. It is never all that easy to claim full responsibility for our lives and the world around us. Recently some marveled that our President who is famous for record breaking untruths actually said before witnesses “I am not responsible.” Words most President’s were want to say but knew better, choosing instead to echo some version of President Truman’s famed line, “The Buck Stops Here.” Even Mr. Trump knows, as we all do, deep down, that we are always and indeed responsible.

I watched again yesterday, Matt Daman and Ben Affleck’s Best Screen Play Oscar winning movie, Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a psychiatrist in that movie. The most moving scene, to me, is when Robin’s character says to young Matt playing young Will Hunting, “You are not responsible. You are not responsible. You are not responsible.” Robin was referring to the traumatic child neglect and repeated and devastating abuse that he had received from a young child that he was allowing to continue to cripple him from risking intimate relationships. He had to admit first that others were responsible for those horrendous acts perpetrated on him before he could admit that he was still responsible for his continuing response to them.

Some actually believe that long before this particular adventure began that we chose it all, our parents, the place of our birth, our sex, look and even the situations we would act out and react to, that these lives are but plays written, directed, and starred in by You Know Who, me and you. It does not take a mathematical genius as Matt played in the movie, or psychiatrist, as Robin played, nor a rocket scientist to discover that we are all like magnets attracting like to like to ourselves according to the vibrations that we send out. Why is it that as the saying goes that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Could it be that we are not sending out the right vibe? If we are always thinking and talking shortage why does it come as a surprise that that is what we see continually coming to us and all around us? It is the same for disease and unhappiness. Perhaps we need to as another saying goes, “Fake it till we make it.”

One of the tenderest and most touching songs I know is from the play and several movie versions of Jerome Kern’s Showboat. The song is called, Only Make Believe and here are some of the words:

Words do often betray our hearts and reveal our true thoughts. And when they do they tell others what we may not immediately see ourselves, that we are responsible for what comes and continues to come to us, for we are asking for it, calling for it. My title today is, I think, the true secret behind all happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives – Think Positive. If you have not up till now, never mind that, for most of us have played that poor thinking and poor mouthing game way too often and too long ourselves. Begin right away thinking and saying only the highest and the best and watch the world transform before your eyes.

Does that nonsense really work, Crazy Dave? I am positive it does. Try it for yourself, The Secret that is no secret – what comes to us is what we ask for, and continue to ask for, and express our gratitude for. We are responsible for the world we see around us, always have been, and always will be. Don’t like it? Change it. Think happier, more positive thoughts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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