Adventures In Paradise

Blog 1638 – 03.16.2020

Adventures In Paradise

I do not believe in a literal hell, an eternal lake of fire, where souls are forever discarded. Oh, a temporary self-created torment for sure, that many of us create for ourselves out of all our fears, worries, doubts, and disappointments. But Beloved, our loving and infinite source never intended these adventures in paradise to be any thing less but more. Yet, because He/She gave us freedom to believe what we will there is always the possibility that we will mistake the gifts and angels sent to lift us ever upward for trouble and demon visitations only intended to drag us downward. This world was not created an evil and ugly place but we are free to paint it in blood and black if we so choose. And we have and all too often with our wars and continual mourning of our perceived losses.

At any given moment the scales can drop from our eyes allowing us to behold that heaven is not some distant place to be sought out later on contrite and bended knees in the sweet by and by, but is within our hearts even now and is always available to us even in what we might mistake as the ever so nasty now and now.

I do believe in heaven, as well we all should, for we have tasted it in a mother, a lover’s kiss, heard it in a daddy, a baby’s laugh, and seen it in the blossoming spring flowers dripping with dew or rain, and in the sparkling ice and snow wonderlands of winter, all but reflections of that paradise we carry inside us, a sure and eternal gift given, a promise, never to be revoked.

I do not believe in hell, or that a loving God ever, for a even one moment, dreamed of creating such a place. Only the true enemy of our souls could have concocted such a travesty to torment our souls and our minds with. I believe, in light, in love, in goodness, and that they shall surely find us if we but open our hearts, minds, ears, and eyes to their existence, already within us. If we do, our mouths, too, will open with gladness, and gratitude far more often and to utter not discouraging but only encouraging and up-lifting words.

When I was a young man forty-seven years ago in Bible College, studying for the ministry, the Personal Evangelism professor taught us to use a Christian tract, popular at the time, called The Four Spiritual Laws, to try to persuade people to become Christians. We were to lead the conversation to the question, “If you were to die right now, do you believe you would go to heaven or hell?” I remember the fiancée of the girl I followed from Tennessee to Texas and Bible College, jokingly replying to another student asking him that question, “Hell, No! Heaven, Yes!” The words of that jokester’s reply, I now think more true than all the religion I ever learned in Bible College or elsewhere. Religion, to me is ninety-nine percent superstitious fear of hell and one percent hope of heaven and love, just the opposite of true spirituality, well almost the exact opposite. True spirituality is all about heaven and leaves no room, not even one percent, for hell.

Next time you are tempted to believe puny ego’s favorite lie remember, “Hell, No! Heaven, Yes!” For the promises of our loving and infinite source are, have always been, and will always be, “Yes, Yes.” And not the first words we teach so many babies to say, hearing them, sadly, so often, “No, No.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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