It Is A Foregone Conclusion

Blog 1640 – 03.18.2020

It Is A Foregone Conclusion

And, no, I am not, talking about which candidate should or will win their respective parties Presidential nominations. Neither am I referring to the total number of people world wide who will catch or succumb to the Coronavirus COVID 19. I am talking about the sure and certain conclusion of all of our adventures here – we win or we learn some.

As my Mockingbird Song version of the Jason Mraz song attached says, our loving and infinite source also says, “I’m Yours” and we can all echo, “I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some.”

I’m Yours

Will we really? Despite all the confusion and distractions, I am certain of it, and you can be too. When spectator sports and large gatherings will return, that may for the moment seem uncertain, but that we are here to win and to learn some is not, nor that we certainly will do both. The best person does not always win but does everything work together for good? I think so and experience bears that out. And I am not taking about a blind more superstitious than even religious faith that covers all its bases with, “We’ll understand it better by and by” but the kind of spirituality that glows and knows heaven is here inside us even now.

It is a foregone conclusion, at least to me and likeminded folk, that “We Win” and that even seemingly apparent setbacks along the path to sure and certain victory are only learning opportunities. So many today are in panic mode, many actions being cautious perhaps but many others only reactions to fear and a feeling of hopelessness. I think of another song I first heard as a boy, many years ago, and although those who sang it thought it’s meaning applied to a few chosen ones, I believe it applies to us all:

“We have a hope within our souls, brighter than the perfect day. God has given us His Spirit and we want the world to hear it. All our doubts are passed away.”

Many churches and religious groups have what they call “tests of fellowship” rules to live by or prove you are a member of their group. But, I believe there is no test required to prove we are family and all possessors and inheritors of the image and likeness of our progenitor. What the Apostle Paul wrote to one young man and some think applies to all who espouse the Apostle Creed, I think equally applies to us all:

I have said more than once and expect to continue to that I no longer believe everything in the Bible is literally true nor in some cases even makes any sense at all. It is a book like all books, called holy or not, written by men. And men get it wrong, even you and I, as often if not more than we get it right. We are always learning, if not winning after all. Still some things are self-evident, foregone conclusions if you will. Who and Whose we are is one of those and that we will win, learning through every seeming set back how to win better and better the next time at bat. Living is a profession, a game, that never gets called on account of rain or it’s season cancelled or postponed for any reason. The choices only “Win or Learn.” So let us win some or learn some. I hear the call. “Virus be damned, Play Ball.” And to the winners and learners I say – enjoy the game.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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