Friday The 13th, My Lucky Day

Blog 1635 – 03.13.2020

Friday The 13th, My Lucky Day

I am a guy who loves to go against the flow. It is the road most followed that I try most to avoid and ideas most accepted that I most quickly challenge. Friday the 13th, I have always, for that reason, considered my lucky day and why not as I do not believe in luck, nor war. I have my dear departed Emily writing a poem and attaching it to my truck in my karaoke version of the Indigo Girls wonderful song, All That We Let It.

All That We Let In

In the girls’ version of the song the line is “Claire writes a poem and she sticks it on my trunk, “We don’t believe in war and we don’t believe in junk.” In my cover of the song I change those words a bit to read, “Em writes a poem and she sticks it on my truck, “We don’t believe in war, and we don’t believe in luck.”

For all of our days here, I think, we are all defined by what we think, what we believe in, and what we do not. Many may choose to think Friday the 13th an unlucky day, perpetuating the unlucky day belief because of a certain event happened on one centuries ago. The French King who was deep in debt to the Knights Templar, convinced the Roman Catholic Church to bring criminal charges against them and seize their property in France and elsewhere as enemies of the Faith. It was the Knights Templar who some believe started Free Masonry. Per one account:

“At dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes linked to the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition) King Philip IV of France order Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars, and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested.” Almost seven years later de Molay and several other Templars were burned at the stake as enemies of the Church.

It was not on a Friday the thirteenth.

Even though a particular Friday the 13th might have seemed unlucky for some of the Templars and this one might also seem so for many diagnosed with the Coronavirus and others fearful of catching it, there are many good things as well that happened on that day and will I am sure take place on this one. I have never thought that memorializing tragedies was an especially smart or smooth move. I prefer memorializing people and their good, great, noble, and heroic deeds not tragedy, drama, and trauma. Em in the song had it and still has it right, “We don’t believe in war and we don’t believe in luck.” So have a great Friday the 13th, look for the good in it. I believe every Friday is a Good Friday and all the other days of the week are good days as well. Smile as much as you can, cough if you need to into your elbow, and for yours and all our sakes wash your hands and often.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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