I Am Many Things

Blog 1634 – 03.12.2020

I Am Many Things

None of us can entirely be captured in a single photo nor even as many as were taken of the lovely Marilyn Monroe and from so many angles and all throughout her life. We are so much more than a faded black and white photograph or even a technicolor two hour movie. We are as our loving and infinite source, immeasurable, unpredictable, and totally uncontainable.

I often remark at what the Old Testament recounting of Moses’ introductory meeting with the Great I Am really means. God when asked, said His name was I Am. The One that no name entirely fits nevertheless gave us when asked who he was a clue to our own identity. That first and greatest mystery of all for most of us is not who shot President Kennedy but who we are, whose, and why we are here. Granted things like the Coronavirus may have us in these moments of possible danger considering also “for how long” but our foremost question regarding ourselves is still, “Who Am I?”

One of my favorite songs as a young man, trying my best to be “a good Christian”, was Karen Lafferty’s, Bird In Golden Sky, a self-portrait she painted of herself and also of us. Another song on that same album describes God in its beginning words: “He’s a poet, he’s a painter, he’s a natural rainbow maker…”

I picked today’s picture, a black and white, adult color book page because it said “I Am.” But also because of all the possibilities there are with this picture especially if you have the Crayola Big 96 Pack of crayons. Theologians, folks who try to understand God, and I studied many years trying to be one, use a lot of bigger words that Karen’s trying to describe Him/Her. They say God is Omniscient (meaning all-knowing), Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omnipresent (everywhere at once), to name a few. John, the dreamer, in his book, The Revelation, used the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet to describe God, and has God saying, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. What I am trying to say in this little “I Am” piece is that just as God is so many things to innumerable (uncountable) so are we, each one a multi-faceted diamond created in His/Her image to reflect the glory and goodness of God.

I think the one word that best describes God and us is Love, but then for all the millions and millions of words written and yet to be written about love I do not see us getting a handle on it yet, or labeling it and putting it some box. How quick we are to judge, to label, to condemn. We are none of us just the worst or even best thing that we have done thus far. Even Harvey Weinstein, Stalin, Hitler are/were way more than their worst acts for they too reflect/reflected aspects of the God of many faces and many names.

We all try most, if not all the time, to put our best foot forward hoping to show a better face and be loved and appreciated for the best in us. We can say with Him/Her who always knows best, and us far better than we know ourselves, “I Am Many Things. I am loved, I am loving, I am lovable, I am lovely, for I am Love.”

Have a lovely day,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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