Guided, Guarded, and Protected

Blog 1636 – 03.14.2020

Guided, Guarded, and Protected

It is the fear that we are lost, exposed, unprotected, that torments many of us most, but when we come to know how perfectly and completely we are loved that fear and all fears disappear. It is fear that is illusion and only love that is real. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a very fearful time in this country told us: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” There are real issues that we must face in life, like the Coronavirus, Covid 19, that by all accounts is sweeping around the world, but contrary to all the fearful things being reported (ad nosium, enough to make anyone sick) on TV, radio, and in print we are not helpless in this or any situation ever for our loving and infinite source provides indeed has already provided for every contingency. Some words are more comforting than others. I find great comfort and encouragement in the Ten Intentions for a Better World, especially the fourth one that I cite below:

Instead of giving into fear, even very rational and expedient sounding ones, let us rather hope for the best and trust that even during the darkest days and nights that we are still guided, guarded, protected, provided for, and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. And that as the old song says so well, that we are planted like a rock by the raging water and that we shall not be moved.

I no longer believe many of the things that I once did. In fact, I make it a habit to examine, and often, my beliefs so I can discard any of those that are no longer serving me, but I do still believe that not only I but all of us are guided, guarded, and protected whether we realize it at any given moment or not. Be comforted, be encouraged, we will make it through this and come out on the other side less vulnerable to the fears that plague us whenever we fail to remember that we are always loved and therefore guided, guarded, and protected.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. Remember, we are all in the same boat headed home. A dear and beloved friend used to say even in the face of dying, “You can’t scare me with heaven.” If the worst that can happen is getting to go home sooner, I ask you, what is there really ever to be afraid of? Love alone takes the worry out of being close. Sure, wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your sleeve if you need too, and be especially mindful of sore throats, fever, and breathing problems, and seek medical attention for them, but remember to breath and relax. Your loving and infinite source has got you, has got this, has got us. Before the P.S. ends up longer than the blog, I close.

Love, DJW

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