Puzzled, Frustrated?

Blog 1633 – 03.10.2020

Puzzled, Frustrated?

Sometimes life can seem a bit puzzling or frustrating, at other times like a refreshing cold drink. But, then even a refreshing cold drink is more so after a particularly confusing, sweaty or difficult moment. I guess what I am trying to say, as the ying yang symbol expresses better, to me, than the one of a person being horribly crucified on a cross, is that I believe it is all good. Or perhaps better expressed it, life, the whole enchilada, is neither good nor bad, it just is. That sort of reminds me of a somewhat overused expression, “It is what it is.” Well, of course it is. What else could it be. But then as an under pressure former impeached President once said trying to make sense of the trumped up charge (pun intended) against him: “It all depends on what the meaning of is, is.” Really, Bill, and double really, Crazy Dave, didn’t you just write the other day that you wanted to be a better writer, even a great one, more than just to be clever?

It is always tempting to just play with words and have fun but their true purpose is to share thoughts as plainly and clearly as possible. Life as I already said can be puzzling enough without some Loki-like tricker twisting words till their meanings are no longer clear. Lawyers, politicians, preachers, teachers, indeed all of us are guilty of doing or having done that. What is, is indeed.

As a younger man, and like Bill Clinton, raised in the South, I tried to defend him for his not referring to the consensual oral appreciation he received from a granted younger and quite overwhelmed with his power and position intern as “sex.” Remember the line that almost hung him, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Southern boys then and probably still are raised to think of “sex” as one thing, sexual intercourse that might result in a pregnancy (and, yes, that is a very limited definition) but, to them, all other teamed-up sporting acts fell into the categories of flirting, petting, or just having fun. Sex is meant to be fun for all. Sexual harassment, rape, and to most of us abstinence are not that much fun. Like the picture puzzle life goes so much easier if we do not try to force it, nor our words to say what they were not coined originally to mean.

We do not live politically, religiously or even scientifically, contrary to Fox News or MSNBC, the Progressives or Conservatives, the scientific community or those deny science, in a “No Spin Zone.” The vote is still out on many issues, and the pendulum is forever swinging back and forth between opinions. How this ole world spins. Still we are all pieces in this wonderful puzzle.

Not trying to just be clever or cute, I close with a favorite puzzle anecdote:

A dad was trying to keep his puzzle loving little girl occupied one afternoon so since she kept easily and quickly putting together all the children’s puzzles that he gave her, he decided to give her a very intricate, difficult, and multi-pieced adult puzzle that was of a picture of the earth taken from the moon, mostly solid black with a round center of swirling blues, hardly any clues. He had tried for weeks to complete it and gave up in utter and complete frustration. So he took apart the few pieces that he had attached, mixed it up, and gave it to his daughter. In just a couple of hours she called him to come see the completed puzzle. He was amazed and mouth agape asked her, “How did you do it, and so fast?” She smiled and said, “It was easy, Daddy. There was a picture of a man on the back of the pieces and when you put the man together the world came together easy.”

When viewed straight on a particular puzzle or problem seems too difficult, we should try to see it from a different angle. That is always a good start to solving any difficult life issue or puzzle. Now how about a cold drink. For years this southern boy thought that the proper word for Coca Cola was “Cold drank” only later did he learn that cold drink could also be used for Pepsi, Doctor Pepper and a host of drinks soft, hard, and harder. Relax “tee-totalers” it is all good, I think, especially, consensual sex, and not in moderation.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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