One Third Of The Way Through Charlotte’s Web

Blog 1632 – 03.09.2020

One Third Of The Way Through Charlotte’s Web

For sometime time now I have been in addition to this daily blog, and a daily Mockingbird Song email (a karaoke style song recording emailed daily to a few friends with a link to this blog, my only meager attempted at promoting this blog – well I did have a few bumper stickers printed. They like all my creative offerings are free to anyone who wants one.) As I was saying before I interrupted myself, for some time now in addition to those two gifts I have been also working on another daily gift that I call David Reads Children’s Books. Thus far it is only sent to a small number of friends as a link in an email. Most of the readings thus far have been short bedtime children’s books. Recently I have read some lengthier books, a chapter a day till they are finished. What use, if any, others will make of these recordings is unclear to me. I only know that I enjoy reading and being read to and I hope these recordings, my daily MB songs, and this blog will one day find a greater audience.

I am a writer, singer, speaker, and reader because I have something to share, not because I think any of these three gifts will make me rich, famous, or even fondly remembered someday. Admittedly those things cross my mind from time to time as they do most of us. Someone has said to turn difficult, detailed, and demanding work into a wonderful hobby simply love it so much that you would continue doing it for free even if you won the lottery. I do not play the lottery (no slight intended to those who do) so it is highly unlikely that I will ever win the lottery, but probably not much more so than those who play it even often.

But then in a greater sense I have already won, I think, the biggest lottery of all for I sincerely believe in my heart that it is true for me:

Here is Chapter 7 of the wonderful book Charlotte’s Web for your listening pleasure:

Charlotte’s Web Chapter 7

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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