Is Today The Day?

Blog 1618 – 02.24.2020

Is Today The Day?

Well, my friends, of course it is, for there is truly no other. Past days are but ancient echoes and future days but possible fore shadows of what may or may not come to pass. The only day there ever was is today, and bright and sunny, or dark and cloudy it is all we have to work with and in. So let us make the most of this wonderful present we have been given, this gift, this day.

As a boy in our house we practiced the custom of saying grace before meals, many Christians and other religious folk still do. My wife does, as did the people that we attended a birthday dinner party with last Saturday night. I put aside that practice many years ago. I do not fault people who say grace nor think myself better or less than them for the way in which we each choose to show how grateful we are. Once a day, three times a day, or five (two between meal snacks) is just not enough for me as I try to maintain an attitude of continuous gladness and gratefulness for all that I have be given, all that is truly mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.

I read somewhere the other day some wise guy saying that I (we) really do not need to ask anyone, even ourself, for anything, only to realize and behave like everything is already ours, for indeed it is. How silly then to see one of the mini and not so mini mansions going up everywhere and say “I wish I could live in one of those” we already do, our body. And if we knew, I mean really could wrap our minds around how big we really are, we would be amazed that we could ever fit in such a tiny space. Really we do not, for the world, the entire universe is our home, nothing less.

I watched again a favorite romantic comedy movie, that I mentioned in a recent blog, Saturday afternoon, this time with my wife. It is called Music From Another Room, from the way the main character, Danny, played by a young Jude Law, describes what true love is like. He says that love is like hearing hauntingly captivating music from another room that you have to sing along with, and no matter how loud or long the distractions that keep you from hearing the song, when you hear it again you find you are still singing in time right along with the words. Near the end of the movie the young woman, played by the lovely Gretchen Mol, is about to go off to Paris to marry another man, a man she does not love, but likes, feels safe and comfortable with. Her blind sister, played by the voluptuous Jennifer Tilly, has her meet her at the art museum where a lovely old Italian mosaic that Danny, an artistic craftsman specializing in restoring antique tile, has recently completed after months of work. Danny, the job done, is leaving town and the blind sister having had the mosaic described to her by her new husband has to show it to her sister. Gretchen is in awe of Danny’s work and ask her sister, “Why did you have me meet you here?” The sister says, “Please don’t go to Paris, you love Danny, you need to go with him, instead.” Gretchen’s character says, “Of course I love him, but I am afraid.” Jennifer’s character says, “I have been afraid all my life. It is only now that I am in love that I am no longer afraid.” The seeing sister says, “But my family needs me now more than ever since Mom died” and the blind girl says, “We no longer need you, go, everything is changed now, Danny’s love for you has changed everything, it is so big that it spilled over on all of us and has changed everything, even you.”

Yesterday, I ordered a copy of the nineteen ninety-eight dvd so I can watch it again and again as I do many others of my favorite films, just as I re-read several books that have touched me more than others. Somethings bear repeating, and often, to remind us of love – for we are nothing more or less than love, in all its wonderful and amazing expressions. Love is indeed like music from another room and we are the words, we are the tune, as Neil Diamond sings, “Play me.”

And here is my Mockingbird version of a Barry Manilow song.
I Write The Songs

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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