Quadruple Threat?

Blog 1619 – 02-25-2020

Quadruple Threat?

We at least One up on Trinity
Heart, body, mind, and soul.
Truest words writ or spoken
“We are Holy. We are whole.”

We are everything we need
In us, nothing we’re without
Holy we and Whole indeed
Who we are, beyond doubt.

I just composed this little poem thinking about Who and Whose I am, Who and Whose we all are. The full knowledge our true identity, we chose to temporarily put aside to begin this adventure in time and space. But each successive adventure in addition to being an opportunity for us to experience all there is, is another chance for us to remember that we are collectively and individually, “All of that.” Inside we are way bigger than we appear from without. The Universe, all there is, is us, inside us like the scientists’ Big Bang theory – ever expanding.

If you think these words but poetic license, I assure you they are not, for I have it on the highest authority – You, Me, He, She, We, the true Wonderful Wizard of Oz and everywhere. So Namaste, I bow to the divinity in you, in me, in all, and everything.

One, the song says is the loneliest number but One is the only number, and we are it. But it is a One even bigger than Trinity, even more that a Quadruple Threat we are Legion, not a host of demons, but a troupe of angels far in excess of the ten thousand purported always on call to Jesus. If it was true of him, it is also true of us for his own words are, “As I am so are you in the world.”

So relax pilgrims and enjoy the journey, enjoy watching this story unfold, because you are going to love how it ends, we always win.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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