A Little Elbow Grease, Please

Blog 1617 – 02.22.2020

A Little Elbow Grease, Please

New household and industrial cleansers come out every day with the old standards being continually being touted as “New & Improved.” Still one of the most useful and effective household, automotive, farm and factory cleaners is, “A Little More Elbow Grease, Please.”

Oh, it is true that elbow grease alone will not always get that baked on grease off the oven or the broiler pan but it is amazing the cleaning jobs that it can easily take care of. You might, at this point, be wondering, “Can he really find an encouraging word in a topic so familiar and banal as elbow grease (that little extra effort by hand?) Well, you will be the final judge of if I do, and if so, how well I accomplish that daily labor of love today. And it is my daily labor of love to find yet another encouraging word for you, my friends.

Here it is. The old saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s work shop.” I happen to believe that the only devil ever created, and not by God but us, is ego. Fighting him only gives him more attention and more power over us, hence Jesus instruction to his followers, “Do not resist evil.” I think his meaning in those words is captured in more detailed in the first of ten intentions for a better world:

Look them all up online. There is some really good stuff there.

Fighting ego, like many battles is a losing one. Even the winners of most fights still lose something, if nothing else, peace of mind. Exercising a little constructive elbow grease, occupying our hands in some even small task and seeing it completed, is a far better way to build a better world and occupies our mind with better things than listening to, or arguing with, or fighting with ego. The best way to peace, prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness is not in resisting “evil” but overcoming “evil” with “good.” I put evil and good in quotes because like god versus the devil I think them words used too often and mostly in error.

Per the creation story, after taking six days to finish his creation the Creator looked at it complete and said, “It is good.” (All good.) The thought that a snake in the grass, a piece of fruit, or even a pretty girl could change all that good to “bad” is to me ridiculous to the ten times tenth power. And along with it, that a little work or women having babies could be a curse is just crazy. That ego spin on things shows us what a piece of work he/she really is. A little labor of love in both senses is what puts ego in his/her place at our feet in the grass where he/she belongs while we busy ourselves exercising a little love and elbow grease.

Didn’t think I could do it, did you? I, you, we can do all things, for we were created for one purpose – to love and be loved. Love is meant to be a verb of action not just a noun. Get your greasy hands and elbows around that and your satisfied heart and mind as well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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