The Person To Blame Or With Praises Name Is Ourself

Blog 1616 -02.21.2020

The Person To Blame Or With Praise Name Is Ourself

It is a truth that many of us are slow to come to that our best friend and worst enemy is one and the same, named “Me.” It is so silly and counter-productive to blame, shame, or name anyone or anything else as worst culprit or best benefactor, for we are responsible.

The first step toward enlightenment for many of us is just taking responsibility for our own thoughts, words, and deeds. From these three things, especially the first, spring our world. We are not the victims, but the perps, not the desperately in need of saving, but the reluctant savior. This is a fact, all too obvious, but hidden by ego from most of us for way too much of our lives.

The fun part only starts when we begin to awaken to the knowledge of who is truly in charge of our lives. If it seems like someone or something else is, that is only because we have given over to them or it our power.

Ceding our power to someone or something else does not make them responsible or us any less for we are the captains of our fate, the authors of all we survey. But back to the fun part. We came here not to pay for past lives nor to suffer that we might become perfected (both silly, though popular, notions) for we have always been perfect and complete, holy and whole, from that first thought of us. We came here to extend ourselves, to explore the possibilities, but mainly to just have fun.

Are we having fun yet? It is high time that we gave that our best shot and that lame old blaming game forgot.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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